Review Inquiries/Disclosure

10:18 AM

I am always willing to swatch and review for any brand. I take swatching/reviewing very seriously and look at it as a full time job, I put a lot of time and work into swatching, photographing, recording and promoting the polishes and products I am sent.

I review nail polish as well as other nail and hand care products to help customers decide and know what they are buying, however this does not guarantee a favorable review. Reviews are done based on honest evaluations of the products and the review will not be influenced or provided for pre-approval by brand/creator. I will not bad mouth your product in any way. If something isn't working right with your product, I will first report this to you before my review is posted. But please be aware I will state the issue I was having with the product but also state that we have discussed it and state what your response to the issue was. I will always, honestly review and promote your polishes/products.

Because of the amount of time that goes into swatching and reviewing each polish(swatching, photographing and or recording, editing each picture and or video, writing the review, posting in Facebook groups as well as advertising on other social medias) I only accept full size polish bottles. My turn around time is 1-14 business days(but usually within 7 days). I do prefer receiving the product(s) 12-14 days before the date you want the swatches/reviews by so that I have plenty of time to properly use and evaluate them. If I do not receive them 12-14 days prior to release date then I can not guarantee the swatches/reviews will be done in time. Please understand that reviewers have lives outside of the blogging community and having this rule for myself is a must.

I reserve the right to decline review opportunities based on my availability, scheduling conflicts, product quality, past experiences ECT.

If you're interested in me swatching, reviewing and promoting your products please contact me via email.

Thank You and looking forward to hearing from you!

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