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Hello fellow Nail Crazies!
Today's review is of 5 polishes from the L.O.V.E Collection made by Danyl over at Duh Nail Polish. I have swatched for Danyl for a couple months now and I'm never disappointed! Her polishes are always fun and range in color and type. Todays polishes mainly consist of crelly and Jelly polishes. If interested in this beautiful Valentines Collection keep reading!

First up, we have Loves Me, Loves Me Not. This is a is a soft, baby pink crelly with gold and rainbow flakes. I used 3 thin coats and it went on smooth and evenly. I sealed it with one coat of  HK Girl glossy top coat.
This polish is very pretty and that says a lot because I'm not huge on pink polishes. Its a great formula and the consistency is great!

Second, is Truth About Love. This is a red holo jelly polish with black hearts. I used 3 thin coats of this and some placement with the hearts was needed. Sealed it with a HK Girl glossy top coat. 
Now this polish is gorgeous! Formula was great and it went on nicely. The black hearts just made it even better. This is my favorite from the collection!

Next up is Reservations Only. This is a soft rose gold, chrome shifting to green, with rainbow shifting flakes. I used 3 thin coats and sealed it with HK Girl glossy top coat.
This is a very pretty holo polish. It went on evenly and smooth. My favorite part to this polish was the slight pink tone it has.

The fourth is called Over-Rated. This is a charcoal gray holo polish, with small magenta and turquoise dots, and micro holo silver hexes. I used 3 thin coats of this and sealed it with HK Girl glossy top coat.
 This is for all you Anti-Vday polishers out there who think Valentines Day is over rated. This is the one Anti Vday polish in the collection and I love it! The consistency is great and I love the color combination! 

Last but certainly not least is You STEAL My Heart. This is a pale teal blue crelly. Full of white hearts, pastel purple and pink hexes, micro white hexes, and flecks of turquoise. I used 3 thin coats of this and did some placement with the hearts. Sealed it with HK Girl glossy top coat.
This one is super cute! Actually reminded me of cotton candy haha. This consistency was good and other then a little placement with the hearts(which is to be expected with heavy glitters) it went on perfectly.

Overall Rating: As usual Danyl never disappoints! I loved every one of the polishes and the consistency of the formulas were great! There was minimal fishing and in my opinion there wouldn't have been fishing at all if I was painting from a full size bottle(I'm seriously Anti-Mini bottles) haha! 
So go check out Danyls L.O.V.E Collection plus many other beautiful and fun polishes at,
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Provided for Review

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  1. Hello Sweetie! Yes, I too am a Doctor Who fanatic. Unfortunately the show is a bit late in coming back this season...scheduling conflicts with Sherlock I hear. I enjoy reading your blog posts. Two quick questions for you...what was the stamping plate you used with the Over-Rated swatch in this post (the mushed together hearts). Also I noticed a red polish you used in step 10 of your nail routine post. I was wondering what polish that was...Many thanks for posting, Marilynn


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