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Nothing to Disclose
Hello Lovelies!
Today I have the first "The Nail Art Guild" prompt of the new year to share with you! This weeks prompt was Retro. When I think retro, lots of dots and circles come to mind and I found this fun mani which is where I drew inspiration from.
(Credit to Spektor Nails)

Hers is way better then mine! lol Mine didn't come out as good as I was hoping but ladies, I suck with a dotting tool! Give me a paint brush and I'm good to go but a dotting tool! grrr! they hate me! hahaha
Anyways, here is my finished mani.

Polishes and Products Used:

Hope you guys like! Anybody have any tips for me with dotting tools? haha 
Until Next Time!!

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  1. This looks fantastic! It is a great replication of the original and your color choices rock! I struggle with dotting tools too. I always tend to do designs where the dots are pretty random so you can't tell as much when I mess up. ;)

  2. I think these look great and the colors are awesome! I totally hear you on the dotting tool thing though. I've been so close to giving up on them that I just paint my polka dots on with a paint brush now haha.

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