Nail crazies Unite - Kiss Me I'm Irish

Nothing to Disclose
Hello Loves!
Today I have a mani I did a couple weeks back and have been waiting to post for this prompt. This is my 'St. Patrick's' theme for Nail Crazies Unite.
I'm only like 2% Irish so these don't really apply to me but I was going through my stamping plates searching for all my St. Patrick's related plates and seen this one with all the lips which gave me the idea for this mani.

Products & Polishes Used:
  • Pipedream Polish ~ High Roller
  • China Glaze ~ White on White
  • MDU ~ Neon Green
  • Bundlemonster - BM-303

These actually came out a lot better then I was expecting although I had the shakes bad that day so my writing isn't as clean as I would have liked, but I was very satisfied with the stamping.

Video Tutorial:

Well hope you guys like them and find my tutorial helpful :)
Until Next Time!

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  1. This mani is so fun for St Pattys Day!! And that Pipe Dream is gorgeous :)

  2. This is so damn perfect! Love it. It's simple-esque but super fun!

  3. Love your mani so much, it's so cute!!

  4. I never would have thought to do the lips in green which now that I see it I think it's genius. And your letters turned out so clean and crisp too. What a great manicure.

  5. The green lips are so clever!! I've been stamping more and more but have issues getting the whole image to come off on my fingers. I did buy the new Creative Shop stamper so maybe it's because I'm not completely used to it yet, haha!

  6. I love the big smoosh on your ringfinger! Placement is perfect and I love the contast of the green and white.

  7. I really like the white and green combo!

  8. This is gorgeous and so fun! I love it!

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