Challenge Your Nail Art | Day 03-Owls

Nothing to Disclose
Hey there sweeties! This past Saturday was the start of a new challenge I'm participating in, The Challenge Your Nail Art challenge, please come join us on Facebook! The more the merrier!! <3 This one is every other day instead of every day so hopefully it will be a bit easier and less time consuming to keep up with then last months 31 Day Challenge! 

The second prompt is "Owls". I was originally going to do something kind of darker and more Halloween like but I had this color scheme in my head for awhile and just had to do a mani using them, Gray and Lavender. Here was my result!

I applied a gray polish on my index and pinky. I painted my middle and ring nails white, and then added a gray tip to my ring. Freehand painted the owl, the flower and all the white stitch lines. Sealed it all with a matte top coat.

Polishes & Products Used:
Virago Varnish-Concrete Jungle(gray)
Salon Perfect-Sugar Cube(white)
Powder Perfect-Mattificent Top Coat
Apple Barrel-Acrylic Paint
Whats Up Nails-#19 Dance Brush
(use code CDBNAILS143 for 10% off your WUN order!)

I was very happy with the result! I love the grays with the purples and so glad I was able to finally do a mani using them. I also think the owl is pretty stinkin' cute! What do you guys think? Are you also doing this challenge?

Thanks so much for stopping by! XO

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  1. That's the cutest owl I've ever seen!

  2. These are flawless and so whimsical! It doesn't look real. You did a great job. I'm jealous of your skills!

  3. Gah! This is the most perfect owl ever!

  4. These are adorable!! The color combination is really lovely too!

  5. OMG! These are so awesome! I would love to join this challenge but I think I am a little too late and have enough challenges to keep me busy this month. Hopefully there will be more next month that I can join in on
    Tracy xx

  6. This looks amazing. You did a great job. <3

  7. These are adorable!! That little owl is perfect! So cute. :)

  8. This is awesome! There is no way I could have free hand draw an owl lol

  9. Please do this on my nails!!! Please tell me you're planning a trip to Holland!!!

  10. That stitching is incredible, oh my gosh! I love everything about this~

  11. This is amazing! So clean and precise!

  12. Oh my goodness this is just too cute!

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