Digit-al Dozen | Decades | Day 4

Nothing to Disclose
Hi guys! Another late post for me today, ugh! It's been a stupid day. I have been having issues with my internet for awhile now, finally got a new modem yesterday and I'm still having issues. Now I have to wait for a technician to come(which we tried before and they never freaking showed up). On top of that, I live in an apartment building and there is one main fire alarm connected to all apartments(that is loud as all hell) and alerts the fire department when it goes off. Well that was going off for almost an hour today and the fire department didn't come until someone called them! Glad it wasn't a real fire! smh! So with still not feeling well, having a raging migraine and ringing ears from the alarm and having no internet connection, today sucks!! lol so tonight's post will be quick and to the point.

Here is my Day 4 Digital Dozen 'Decades'. I went with the 70's

Polishes & Products Used:
Virago Varnish-Summer Highlighter of My Life(yellow)
Virago Varnish-Worth The Wait(orange)
Virago Varnish-Booze Cruise(fuschia)
Virago Varnish-I Can't Kelp Myself(green)
Virago Varnish-Seashore Shananigans(blue)
Pipe Dream Polish-Atrament(black)
Glitter Unique-Loose Glitter
Winstonia-Plate W216
Seche Vite- Fast Dry Top Coat

Well that's it! I want to get off here quickly so I don't use up all my data using the hot spot on my phone! lol Thanks for stopping by! XO

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  1. OMG! I love your disco ball! It's perfect! These make me wanna boogie!! :)

  2. That disco ball look on your ring finger is so stinking cool! I love all the bright colors.

  3. What a hectic time it has been for you with the internet, geez woman! I'm glad you were able to pull through with a super awesome mani, it looks fantastic!

  4. These nails are so cool!! The disco ball looks absolutely stunning. I hope tomorrow is better for you<3

  5. Love these. Your manis this week have been amazing!
    Tracy xx

  6. These are so fun! The placements look great, must of been very time consuming!!

  7. This is SO COOL. So much work and so unique, I love it!


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