Destash Help!

Hey guys, so I have never posted anything like this before but we are in need of financial help and I sadly need to destash a good chunk of my polishes. My car needs a total of almost $3k work done on it. It is our only form of transportation so I need to do what I can to get this money asap! If anyone is interested my destash Instagram is @cdbnails143_destash or you can click [here]. 

Brands I have available in my Destash are:
Glam Polish
Bliss Polish
Pipe Dream Polish
Envy Lacquer
Virago Polish
Night Owl Lacquer
Sassy Pants Polish
Noodles Nail Polish
Ellagee Polish
le Polish
Bad Bitch Polish
Native War Paints
Lou It Yourself/Blue Bird Lacquer
Turtle Tootsie Polish
Dollish Polish
Pepper Pot Polish
Gothic Gala Lacquer
Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish
Liquid Frosting
Squishy Face Polish
Lavish Polish
Echoes Polish
Dainty Digits Polish
Powder Perfect
Philly Love Lacquer
Model City
Exotic Lacquer
MDJ Creations
My World Sparkles
24Karot Polish
Colores De Carol
O My Jewels


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