DESTASH! $7-$8 a polish!| *UPDATED 9/6/2022

*UPDATED 9/6/2022*

-All polishes are press samples (some are purchased by me too), so please note they have all been used for a four finger swatch. 
-Pet friendly, smoke-free home. 
-All bottles get cleaned, bottle necks wiped down and your bottle will be shaken up to ensure they are ready for your use. 


1) All Polishes available are listed below with photos. 
*Anything with a line through it is no longer available!
*Anything in red is pending sale.
2) Email me your polish list along with your PayPal email AND your shipping zip code.
3) I will then PayPal invoice you.
4) You have 24 hours to pay, if you don't pay within that timeframe the polishes will go back up for sale for others to purchase.
5) I will ship within 7 business days of invoice payment and will email with your tracking number when I do.


-First Come, First Serve!
1-5 polishes = $8.00 each
6+ polishes = $7.00 each
Example: It's $8.00 a polish unless you buy 6 or more polishes. Then the price drops to $7 a polish!

Mystery bags!!
5 for $25 plus shipping
6 for $30 plus shipping
7 for $35 plus shipping 
8 for $40 plus shipping
And so on...

Spend $100 or more(before shipping costs) receive free shipping!!

-US Shipping Only!
-Make sure your address is correct on your Paypal account. 
-I pack your polishes in bubble wrap and put into a bubble mailer or box. If any arrive broken, you have 24 hours from shown delivery date on tracking to email me a photo of the broken polish and I will refund you.

Shipping Cost:
-My shipping costs include the cost of USPS shipping plus a small fee to go towards packaging supplies to ship your order.
-USPS has raised their prices dramatically there for I have had to also raise my shipping costs.
-First bottle starts at $4.75(first class)
-2 to 5 bottles will depend on your zip code since USPS now charges not only by weight but also the distance it has to travel. (first class)
-6+ bottles will ship Priority Flat Rate box/bubble mailer.
-You will receive your tracking number once shipped.
-Customers may see delays in packages as USPS is behind and saying to expect an extra 1 to 2 weeks in delivery time. Please keep this in mind before placing an order!


Email at and I usually reply within 48 hours
(usually much sooner!)

To be updated every time I add new polishes, subscribe to my destash newsletter! 

I update the spreadsheet every 2-3 months and post on my destash instagram (@cdbnails143_destash) and send out a newsletter to those subscribed(link above) when I add more polishes.

Do not reply with your order in the comments, email only please!

Please Note:
*Do not email me asking for something that isn't listed in the spreadsheet. Out of respect for all the brands I work for I will not sell anything that hasn't been released yet or has only been available in the brands shop for a short amount of time. I give every maker a couple months to sell their own polishes from their sites first and out of respect for them I refuse to sell beforehand. 
*I will not lower my prices or make "deals"- I am already selling drastically under their value.
*I have the right to raise my prices if I see fit. (for now they are $7-$8 each)


All Mixed Up Lacquers

Bon Voyage

Enchanted Waters

Vegas or Bust

What The Swoop?!

Don't Go In The Dark

Change Is Coming

An Explanation Is Long Overdue

Skip, Reverse, Draw 4

Anchor & Heart Lacquer

A New York Frolic

You Have Died of Dysentery

Cadillac Mountain Sunrise

Baby Snuggles

Music Television

Apipila Cosmetics

Diamond Blue

Aurora Nail Lacquer

Mermaid With Love

Inflatable Spookies

I See Fire

South Bend Shovel Slayer

Don't Make A Girl A Promise Your Can't Keep

His Name Is Grogu

TaunTaun Insulation

Break Every Curse At Sea

Baby Girl Lacquers

Wonder Woman!

Water On Mars 2.0

Queen Akasha: Mother Of All Vampires (solar)

When Doves Cry

Loyal Doggo Hachiko

Cool Like Dat (solar)

*Take note; I can’t guarantee the Solar still works as solar as well as thermal pigments do degrade over time.

Bad Bitch Polish

Turquiose Meteor

City Of Lights

Be Wise

Be Tricky

Baroness X

Alicorns w/ Friction Lighting Bolts


Bliss Polish

Sparkling Sugar

Burning Rain Of Death

XO, Bliss

Hangin With The Fishes

Bluebird Lacquer

I'd Wanna Be Me Too

Something To Squawk About

Kitty Glitter

Your Presents Is Requested

Sun and Done

Time Waits For Snowman

Presto Change-o!

Ridin Birdie

I See Your Point

Fantastic Voyage

No Bones About It

By Dany Vianna

When I Dream

A Thousand Wishes

Together In Paris


Emer'lds R A Girls BF

Deck The Halls

Once Upon A December


Ibis Escarlate

Cameo Colours Lacquers

All My F**k$ Argon

Gorgeous Grinnell Lake

You're Riding It Dude

On Your Mark. Get Set. Go

Firelit Nights

Sun Warmed Nook

Preying On Phantoms

Pyramid Of Silence

Chirality Polish

No Tears Please



Destination Sparkle

I've Come To Bargain

Pepe Silvia




Galactic Core

Colores de Carol

Haunted Cauldron

Just One Bite

Jack and Jill


It's Not Pink It's Guava

Love Cells


Substitute Boss: Eros!




Gold Green Luck


Winter Mist

The Best Is Yet To Come


S'mores With a Twist


Colors by llarowe

Who's Your Daddy

Mermaids In Maui

Color Spectrum

Tales By The Fire

A Good Witch

Red Hot Agent

Crystal Knockout

A Witch's Work

Fat Bear

Hand Over The Treats

Souls of Wind & Thunder


Dark & Twisted

Ours Is The Magic

Dead by Dawn


Hang Onto Your Husbands Girls

Delush Polish

Two Of A Kind

I Washed Up Like This

Royal Blood

Divas Of Soul

Mama Knows Best

Want To Play A Game?

Another Fine Bites The Dust

You’re Shrimply 

The Best The Viper

DRK Nails

Extra Ordinary

The Handler


My Name Is Luther

I'm Not A Ghost

Time Is Fixed

Ellagee Polish

Remains Of The Day


Tropical Contact High

Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

Ghost Tracks

…No One Will Be


See How S-S-Snakelike I Can Be

Mistress Of All Evil

Sophia, Queen Of The Side Eye

Some Thing Has Found Us

The Naughty List

According To Plan

Nolite Te Bastardes Carborundorum

Poor Unfortunate Souls


Whoever Has The Gold Makes The Rules

Shake A Poor Sinner’s Hand

Friends On The Other Side

Laguna Colorada

Dark Side Of The Rainbow

Envy Lacquer

Friends On The Other Side

Say Cheese

Can Can

What's Kraken

Moulin Rouge

Fair Maiden Polish

Underneath It All

Mother, May I?

Desert Skies

Forbidden Fruit

La Dame de fer


Heart of Glass

Fanchromatic Nails

Stay Out Of The Basement!

No Peopling Allowed

Flirtin’ Cosmetics

Fatal Toxin

Garden Path Lacquers

Snow Can Wait

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

Happy In A Million Ways

I Need Loving You

Keep A Weather Eye Open

Promised Lands

I Can Keep Running

Death By Chicken Noodle Soup

Brave of Fool Enough

Eyes of Emerald Green(ignore this polish, not supposed to be in the photo, this is not available!)

Craving Parts of Your Song

Too Late To Alter Course

The Insides Were Beautiful 

Dripping With Alchemy

A Meeting In Hell

Comfort and Joy

Trust No One

Teach My Feet To Fly

Off With Your Head

I Will Create the Perfect System

I Think Ive Had Enough

Tinsel Tree

Feed Your Head

Glam Polish

I Will Survive

Hey Snot Face!

Tristan & Isolde

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Sir Lancelot

Me Party

Books Are Always Good Company

Say Cheese and Die Again!

Morgan Is Fay

Girls Are Dis-gus-ting!

Enchanting Merlin

She Preferred Imaginary Heroes To Real Ones

King Arthur

I Happened To Like Being Adored, Thank You.


I Hate The Way I Don’t Hate You

Glisten & Glow

The Breast Is Yet To Come

All The Jingle Ladies

Inhale The Future

Polish Of The Month July 2021

Revive Your Monster

Truckin’ It Through Twelve

PTSD & Anxiety Awareness

Amethyst Skies

Break The Stigma

9 Years & Nailing It

Bipolar & Depression

Couldn’t Have Done It Without YOU!

It’s Simple Claus & Effect

On Thin Ice

We Still Got It!

Exhale The Past

Polish Of The Month March 2021

Sleigh My Name

Hygge Life

Mummy Of The Year

Scare Way To Heaven

Just Breathe

Mindful Meditation

Grace-full Nail Polish

Love Is Lethal

Mistress Of Magic

Paradise Island

Heart’s & Promises

Circle of Life

One Day More…

Sunset At Big Sur

September to Remember

Passion, Vitality, Enthusiasm & Security

He Had It Comin’ 

Jump To The Left, Step To The Right

Be My Valentine

Vegas VIP

Shamrock Shake

Winter Wonderland

Potassium Flame


You Sunk My Battleship!

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate

Bring On Spring!

Oh Christmas Tree

Once Upon A Time

King Tut’s Mask

Always Give Thanks

Heather’s Hues

Everything I Wanted

Fairy Dust Is A Must

Love & Light

Quite Frankly

Do you Understand Me?

You’re Contraband

Southern Lights

Praise Be

It’s All About What Makes You Feel Good

No Man’s Land


Lose Your Blues

Which Ones Are The Weeds?

Io-dine & Dash


Jen & Berries
Yes My Gatekeeper
His Friends Call Him Doc
Do I Have To Fight To Keep You?
Fifi’s Feeding Frenzy
I Dreamed That I Was Racing

Djinn & Juice
Shock Through The Heart and You’re To Blame
Lifestyle Bloggers Latte
I’m Under Your Spell

Jior Couture

Period Table Of Black History

A.T. Crystal Power


Rise Up

All Present and Accounted For

I Knead You Now

A Little Cooler

Shady Beaches

Lacquer Lust



LE Polish

I’m Sagan All My Love For You!


A Real SLice

Women In Disguise

Your Love Turns Me Upside Down

Leesha's Lacquer

Two Suns

Surf’s Up

Flippy Floppys

The Land Of Eos

Te Amo

Ah! I Touched The Seaweed!

Flamingo Floaty


She Done Already Had Herses

Lemming Lacquer


Baba Yaga

Madame Pele

Sweater Weather

See What’s On The Slab

The Curse Of Camp Cold Lake

Lily Pad Lacquer



Lollipop Posse Lacquer

Love Is A Hell You Cannot Bear

I Find You Acceptable

I Hope You’re Up, Girl

Some Sweet Gravity

Good Morning, Lollipop!

Really Almost Beautiful


There Is No Good and Evil, There Is Only Power

I Dont Flirt

Zach Morris Is Trash

A Bit Nippy

Dont Even Trust Myself

Flirtatiously Boss Around

Red Hot Ri Ri

Ready To Jam

Fashion Armadillo

Shift Happens

Even Smiling Makes My Face Ache

The Periodic Table of Elephants

Fly Away, Byrd

Eternally Optimistic Goldfish


So operatic

Treat Yourself

Picture This

A Simple Girl With Simple Taste

Je Suis Prest

Circle of Trust

The Truth Is Out There

Veiled One

Squid Goals

Prismatic Spring

Sexy Sea Cucumber

Ms. Sparkle

An Ode To Lisa Frank

Krusty Krab


Peaches ’n Cream Barbie


The Magic Wand

MTK Design


What A Wonderful World

Field Of Screams

Swirling Clouds Of Violet Haze

Flames On The Side Of My Face

Slasher Flick

Music City Beauty

We’re All Mad Here

Change Is Beautiful

Million Reasons

My Favorite Jacket

A Beautiful Start

Double Feature

Buddy Blue

La La Orange

A Mother’s Wish

Ruby Slippers

Shake Ya Tailfeather

A Noble Start

Moonlight Dance

The People’s Princess

Black Raspberry Sorbet

My Indie Polish

The Meg

Farewell Fiona

So Scary

Ian Is My Hero

Nail Hoot


Nail Artisan Cosmetics

Mind Your Bismuth

Knock Your Rocks Off!

Wonders At The Wormhole

Native War Paints

Cozy Christmas

There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Television

Mighty Mac

Wakanda Forever

Best Sweater Ever


Dressed In Jewels


Unicorn Club

Deck The Halls

Vista Cruiser

An Epic Battle

I Love You…


The Person I Love Most Is Me


Hold My Ermine

January 2019

Over The Rainbow

Night Owl Lacquer

Essence Of Fright

Fall Is A-Maize-ing

Where Nightmares come To Life

Feelin’ Gourd

Fear Is The Mind Killer

Smelly Cat


This Is The Way

Mistress Of Evil

Seeds Of Discord

Strange Journey

Breath Of A Banshee

Tears Of A Dragon

I Think I Olive You

Gumball Soup

Shell Yeah!

There’s A Little Witch In All Of Us

Scales Of A Serpent

Kitty Snuggles

Reflecting Light

Delicate Arch

After A Storm

Being Normal Is Vastly Overrated 

But You Are Beautiful


Shine On

Among The Stars

Sunsets With Sasquatch

Mistletoe Kisses


Winter Nights Sparkle


Dance Off Bro!

Pampered Polishes

Happy Anniver-saury


Get Off My Swamp!

Museum Of The Future


The Worst Takes It All

Missing Name Label


Fa Rawr Rawr Rawr Rawr

Goblet Of Fire



Paradox Polish

Under The Microscope

Hum On This!

Fairy Blanket

Nut Up! Winchester!

It’s Winterful Life

You Can’t Touch This

Fire Heart

I’ve Seen That You’ve Drunk The Kool-aid

Spooky Mulder

I’ll get You My Pretty!



Alluvial Fan



Patty Lopes


Night Pine

Curious Soul

Holidays In New Life


Winter Sky


Mr. White

The Blaser 

Mumtaz Mahal

Peachtree Polish

The Green Mile

Watch Out!

Midnight Madness

Penelope Luz

Well, Well


Wat Srisuphan

Hula Hula



It’s Science YES!

Hot Wine

My Man Has TWO jobs!

Pepper Pot Polish

Neon Jungle

Wood Nymph

Simply The Breast!


HOWston, Now HEWston

To The Five Boroughs

I’m Walking Here!

This City NEVER sleeps

PI Colors

Unicorn Candy

90’s Kind Of World

Cream and Candy

Cobalt Alchemy



Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

Festival Of Fall


Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish

Twilight’s Last Gleaming


525600 Minutes

Old Blue Chair

There’s Always A Rainbow

On The Wild Colorado

Summer In The City

Pretty Jelly Polish

Eat Your Heart Out

Red Eyed Lacquer

Baby Rock

Red Panda Lacquer

A Night In Fever Swamp

May The Best Snark Win 

Rogue Lacquer


Creative Chaos

Adventures In Wonderland

Purple Mountain Majesty


Comfy & Snowy

Rhodium and Roses

Rainbow Road

The Human World It’s A Mess

Side Of Ranch WIth That

Fountain Show


Minty Chocy Chip

The Opus

Flotsam! Jetsam!

Lemon Drop

Chihuly Art

Pom Poms

Cookie Monster

Shattered Rainbows 

Sassy Cats Lacquer

Sacred Cat

The NYC Girl

Sassy Pants Polish

Cursed Camp

Witch’s Kitchen

Witch, Please!


Dragon’s Blood

A Stroll In Sydney

Anything Can Happen 


First Snow



Goddess Of Love

Autumn Sky

Love, Always

Autumn Sunset

Rocky Streams

Sassy Sauce Polish

Whole Lava Love

Saffron Sizzle

Elementary My Dear

Bada Bling

Don’t Dream It, Be It!!

Serum Nail Lacquer


Kelp! I Need Somebody

It Matters

Itty Bites

Hollow Inside


Smokey Mountain Lacquer

Elba Beach


Don’t Touch My Egg!

Golden Chocolate

Waters Of Venice

Supermoon Polish

Bullet Cluster

Compact Star

Eccentric Orbit

Satelite Cannibal

Supernatural Lacquer

Frankenstein’s Monster


Nov Holo

The Wolf Man

Salt & Burn

The Nightmeow Before Christmas


Nothing Goes Over My Head

Nov Flakie

Sweet Heart Polish

83+ Fire = Rainbow

Let’s Stay In Bed All Day

Through The Smoke


Let’s Get Dangerous!

Full Moon Vibes

Save The Turtles

Who’s Your Dream Crush?

Fiery Gang

Not So Common Blue

Petal To The Metal

Look To The Fuchsia 

Purple Haze

Part Don’t Stop


Hill House Ghost Tour?


Series Of Vampire Like Acts

One Of Our Own

The Lady Varnishes

Red Death

Human Tales? Humans Don’t Have Tails…

Furnace Tune-Up

The Nail Stuff

She Hates Counselors

This Is Aerobics, It’s Serious

Top Shelf Lacquer

Strawberry Fields


Blue Monkey

Summer Beet

Sporty Recovery

California Gold Rush

Pineapple Matte-rs

It’s Not What You Drink

Treo Lacquer

Cthulhu Awakened

Turtle Tootsie Polishes

Quarantine Fifteen

Jingle My Bells

Families Are A Blessing

I Put A Spell On You

Get Me My Boots!

You Won’t Like Me When I’m Angry

Cinderella Slippers

Stuff My Stocking

Ride My Sleigh

Blustery Day

Emerald Diva

Mundi, Mundi

Giving Up Is NOT An Option



World’s Best Cup Of Coffee


I Got Coal?

Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood

Don’t Play Innocent With Me

Loyal To The Throne

Fight For Your Life

Across The Universe


Beating The Odds


Don’t Ever Let Anyone Tell You They’re Better Than You!


Beautiful Sunset

I’m On The Naughty List


Vibrant Vinyls

Double Bond Base-All That

Double Bond Base-Neon Dreams

Double Bond Base-We Mermaid For Each Other

Double Bond Base-Rainbow Sugar

Double Bond Base-Sweater Weather

Double Bond Base-Resting Witch Face

Double Bond Base-Milk Chocolate 

Fast & Hard Top-We Mermaid For Each Other

Fast & Hard Top-Sweater Weather

Fast & Hard Top-Resting Witch Face

Fast & Hard Top-Alien Princess

Fast & Hard Top-Treat Yo’ Self

Fast & Hard Top-Neon Dreams

Fast & Hard Top-Rainbow Sugar

Fast & Hard Top-All That

Virgo Moon

Happy Slappy

Fin Raziel

Queen Baumorda

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