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"My polishes are hand blended and vary from batch to batch. All polishes are made to order so I put a lot of time and love into them! I use cosmetic grade products and a 5 free suspension base for the polishes."
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Christmas Splendor:
White crelly with red and green hexes, bars and circles. I did 3 thin coats to achieve this look. Usually I would have done a white base polish underneath a crelly like this but it didn't need it, If you want a more solid white base I would recommend using a thin coat of white polish underneath first. I was very happy with this polish. Every coat when on smoothly and wasn't thick. I topped it with a glossy top coat. Definitely one of my favorite red and green with white crelly based polishes. Highly recommend!

O Christmas Tree: 
Clear polish with green, gold, bronze, pink and silver glitters. Consist of hexes, bars and large circles. I used a green polish for a base. Polish went on easily and evenly with 2 coats, even the big red circles came out for me without needing any dabbing or placement which I was super excited about! Sealed it with a glossy top coat. Info on page says it smells like pine tree, I did notice a subtle scent but it wasn't very strong. Other then that I loved everything about this polish. Definitely looks like a ground up Christmas tree in a bottle! haha

Mickeys Blizzard:
Clear glitter bomb with teal, purple, silver and white glitters. Contains hexes and squares along with mickeys and snowflakes. I used a white polish as a base. Did 2 coats of this and I did have to do a little bit of the dabbing method to get the mickeys and snowflakes. I love the color combination of these glitters. Sealed it with a glossy top coat.

Minnies Holiday Dress:
A red jelly polish that consist of white bows and hexes of multiple sizes. Did 3 thin coats of this and didn't have to use any color underneath as a base which I was excited about. Went on smoothly and evenly. Keep in mind that this is the type of polish where the glitters kind of mesh into the polish so the glitters don't show as brightly as a normal glitter polish would. I sealed it with a glossy top coat. This was my second favorite of the collection.

A Kiss at Midnight:
Clear topper with silver, dark gray and white holo glitters with some soft pink glitters as well. I used this over a dark gray polish. I used 2 coats and it went on evenly. In my opinion its a thick enough glitter polish that with 2 or maybe 3 coats it can be worn by itself without another polish as a base under it. Sealed it with a glossy top coat.

Hazelnutt Latte:
This is a creamy brown shimmer polish with taupe flakes. I used this alone and it went on great with 2 good coats. Sealed it with a glossy top coat. I loved this polish, Its a great formula and is very classically pretty!

Minnies NYE Dress:
A clear glitter bomb that consist of multiple colored and sized glitters along with punk mickeys and silver bows. I used this over a shimmer pink polish. I used 2 coats and it went on pretty evenly although I did have to use slight dabbing to get the larger glitters onto my nails. Sealed it with a glossy top coat.

Plumming It:
A beautiful deep purple holo polish. This went on smoothly and evenly in 3 thin coats. I loved this polish! Sealed with a glossy top coat.

A deep pink holo polish. Again, this went on smoothly and evenly in 3 thin coats. Im not a huge fan of pink colored polishes but I enjoyed this one. Topped with a glossy top coat.

You Cant Sit With Us:
A purple holo polish. This went on evenly and smoothly with 2 coats. I am inlove with this purple! Has the perfect amount of shimmer to it! Sealed with a glossy top coat.

Shop till You Drop:
This is a great solar polish. It is a clear glitter bomb indoors or in the shade but once the sun hits it it turns into a magenta pink base. This polish contains purple, pink, silver, blue and teal circles, hexes and square glitters. In the first pic I used it over a sparkly lavender polish(you cant sit with us) and in the second pic I used it alone so you could see the solar change better. Both times applied I did the dabbing method. I loved this polish! Highly recommend if you love glitter bombs and solar polishes!

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