Shimmer Kisses

"Each nail polish bottle is 3 free, will be labeled around the cap, will contain 2 mixing balls. Be sure to shake well before using. they are individually made (with lots of love) and there may be some slight differences. Colors of polish may vary depending on your screen."
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Shattered Hearts:
Made up of black matte hearts and shreds. I put it over a red and white gradient which I think made the topper stand out more.It's a great polish when used as directed, which means by doing the dabbing method. I did 2 coats using the dabbing method and once dried I sealed it with a glossy top coat, but it also looks great with a matte top coat as well!


A fun, bright and multicolored glitter topper made up of hexes, shreds and stars. I did 2 coats over a silver polish. First coat I simply painted on which mainly gave me shreds, so I did the dabbing method with the second coat and everything came off the brush perfectly. I finished it with a glossy top coat. It is one of my top indie glitter toppers.

Desert Haze:
A gray crelly with tiny gold hexes. I used it over a gray polish. Went on pretty evenly with just 2 coats. Topped it with a glossy top coat.

Rainbow Clouds:
A white crelly polish that consist of red, orange, gold, green, blue, purple and pink glitters along with blue hearts. I used it over a white polish. I did this with 2 coats but you can probably get away with only using one. I didn't need to do any dabbing for the stars, they came out on there own. I love white crellys in this is definitely one of my favorites. Sealed it with a glossy top coat but also looks great with a matte top coat.

Night Sky:
A black jelly polish with iridescent hexes and stars. Did mine over a charcoal gray polish. Went on okay with 2 coats but I did have to do a bit of dabbing to move the stars around because they were coming out in clusters, but other then that I loved it and plan on buying a full size bottle. Sealed it with a glossy top coat. I used this polish as my last swatch for the day so that I could keep it on for a couple days haha

Provided for Review

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