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Hi guys! So I get asked a lot what products I use for nail care and how I use each product so I decided to make a blog strictly based on just that, my favorite nail/hand care products and how I go about my daily/weekly routine. I will have to admit that while I am writing this blog my poor cuticles look awful! *hangs head down in shame* its my fault though as I've been so busy and then on days I haven't been busy I've done nothing but lounge around and be lazy but I started back up with my usual nail care yesterday so hopefully everything will start to look better soon!

I have swatched a lot of nail polishes the past couple of months and if it wasn't for these bad boys my nails and cuticles would have been destroyed! So these products in my opinion are a must have! Below is all info about each product and how I go about using it. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me! :)

Aveeno Intense Relief hand cream:
So everyone know hows nail polish remover whether 100 % acetone or non acetone dries the heck out of our poor hands and cuticles! This cream played a huge part in bringing the moisture back to my hands after multiple hand washes during swatching time. Its perfect for people like me who have extremely sensitive skin and don't like lotions/creams with a scent. I tried multiple hand creams this year and this was the only one I continued to keep buying. I use this after every hand wash, daily! I buy mine at Walmart for about $6.

Spring Valley Vitamin E Skin Oil:
I love this oil! It contains vitamin E oil, coconut oil and soybean oil which are all great for your skin and cuticles! I put this on my cuticles before bed every night. A tiny bit goes a long way. I simply dip one side of a cotton swab into it once and put it across every cuticle. I let it sit for about 20 min then rub it in. If you have the time to sit and do that every night I highly recommend investing in this. I get mine at Walmart for about $4

Image of G & G Nail + Cuticle Balm

Glisten & Glow Nail & Cuticle Balm:
Now this my friends, is my bestfriend! This little bugger goes with me everywhere. Its a .50oz container of heaven on earth for cuticles! I have tried and tried and tried so many different cuticle balms and this is the only one that has worked for me and it worked almost instantly! I use this between every swatch, after every hand wash and pretty much whenever I feel the need to smell it! haha The scent I have is Vanilla Honey but it comes in a very high range of scents. This is my #1 product I have invested in. The best part is, like the vitamin E oil, a little goes along way so it last a while. Between how long it last and how well it works its worth every cent spent! I seriously believe every nail fanatic should own this, You can order this at for $8.50

NutraNail Nailsentials Power Growth Treatment:
This nail growth formula penetrates into weak, brittle nails to help nails grow. The Keratin hydrates nails and cuticles and flexibility of nails and protects nails breakage. I was breaking nails left and right before I started using this. I use it when I wake up and before I go to bed, and this can also be used over a nail polish! Since I've been using this the free edge of my nails are no longer see through and if I smack my nail off something it hurts like hell but just bends, no breakage or cracks! I recently bought this for my friend who's poor nails were so weak and struggling to grow and its only been a week and her free edges are already looking better! So try this product if you have weak nails! Hopefully it works for you the way it has for me and my friend! I get this at Walmart for about $7 

Okay, so this isn't really a nail care product per say but I figured I would also include the ONLY base and top coats I use since Its what I use every time I do a mani. 

HK Girl Stuck on Blu! Base Coat:
So I have always had issues finding a good base coat that actually worked well and this Stuck on Blu is great! Its 3-free, It has a sticky texture to it that allows your polish to adhere to it and it also helps with staining. I use this whenever I know I'm gonna have a mani on for awhile and its perfect! I will definitely continue to purchase this!
HK Girl Fast Drying & Super Shiny Clear Top Coat:Now as for top coats. I will admit that I used to be a die hard Seche Vite fan, but I  hated the very harsh chemicals and the fact that half way through the bottle it would start getting thick and clumpy and I would always have to add thinner to it but I dealt with it because my manis always lasted long and I didn't know of any other top coat that worked as well. Then I was told by so many of my followers to try Glisten and Glows fast drying and super shiny clear top coat and Seche Vite went out the window! Where the hell has this polish been the past few years of my nail polish addicted life?!? This top coat is simply amazing! It works just as well as Seche Vite if not better, It doesn't have as many harsh chemicals(its 2 free), smell isn't nearly as bad and my favorite part, it doesn't ever get thick and clumpy no matter how many times you use it! I have already bought 3 bottles of this in one month! This is a must try and must have top coat! You can buy both the base and top coat at either as a set which is called "the dynamic duo" for $13.85. Or buy them seperately, The base coat is $6.95 and the top coat is on sale right now for $6.95. Go check them out!

So those are ALL the products I use in my daily nail routine. And I would seriously be lost without any of them. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! Thanks loves!!

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