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Okay so first off let me state now before there is any confusion. All swatches in todays blog post are mine although the nails are fake! ugh! I had to stick falsies on for these swatches because all but 1 of my nails are legit nubs right now. *Puts head down in shame*

So today I bring you some swatches and reviews for Danyls aka Duh Nail Polish St. Patricks Day collection called Lucky Me, Lucky You. This collection consist of 2 crellys and 1 glitter bomb.

First up is Not Irish, Kiss me anyway. A white crelly with shifting green, a lot of different green glitter hexes, rainbow flakes, and fuchsia dots. I used 3 thin coats of this to achieve full opacity then sealed it with a glossy top coat. The consistency was great and there was no fishing required for the glitters. 

Next is Gettin' Lucky. A pastel green crelly with small flecks of green and gold. I used 3 thin coats of this to make it opaque then sealed it with a glossy top coat. One of my favorite colors is green so I was really excited to swatch this and I wasn't disappointed! The color is beautiful and the consistency was great! 

Last from the collection is End Of The Rainbow. A shifting rainbow glitter bomb packed full of all different sized gold glitters. I used 2 regular coats of this over a pearl white undie then sealed it with a glossy top coat. Very very little dabbing was needed. This is a beautiful gold glitter and it went on great!

Overall, Im loving the Lucky Me, Lucky You collection. The consistency of all polishes were spot on, no fishing was required and there was very, very little dabbing needed! To get your Lucky Me, Lucky You polishes check out the links below, and be sure to check out her other polishes as well!
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Provided for Review

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