SuperNails Jan 2014 single polish Reviews

Tonight I bring you a few more glitter polishes made by the lovely SuperNails! As usual, I love her glitter toppers and those of you who follow my blog know this! I get so excited to swatch her fun themed glitter toppers! haha So continue reading for more awesome reviews of her polishes!
First up is Winnie The Pooh! This is a clear polish with fuzzy pooh-colored hairs and hexes, eyes, and coral/bright red-orange circles for his shirt.
I did 2 coats with a bit of the dabbing method over a yellow undie and sealed with a glossy top coat. Growing up I was obsessed with Pooh Bear and all his friends! Im 27 years old and still own every winnie the pooh stuffed animal I have ever gotten in my life time(which is a lot) haha! So of course I was extremely excited to try this polish! I think it portrayed pooh bear perfectly!

Second is Tinkerbell! This is a clear polish with neon green squares and hexes of all sizes, with iridescent dust. I used 2 coats, with a bit of the dabbing method over a tinkerbell colored green. This was super cute and definitely reminded me of pixie dust in nail polish form.

Last for the night is one of her polishes from her Valentines collection. This is called Box of Chocolates! This is a clear polish with mostly dense brown hex glitter, matte light yellow pastel circles and pink hearts. And its also Scented with "Cocoa Bliss". I used 2 coats of this over a brown undie and sealed it with a glossy top coat. So anyone that pays attention to my blog knows I am obsessed with food named polishes, don't ask me why because I don't have an answer for you haha! I loved this one so much! It most definitely had that box of chocolates vibe! As for the cocoa scent, I didn't really smell too much of a difference but I have said that about every scented nail polish I have come across, I don't know if its just me or what, but no matter how hard I try all I can smell is straight up nail polish. Maybe for others its different though =/ Either way, nice scent or no scent the polish is still great!

So that's it for tonight's blogging! Overall as usual I am always satisfied with  supernails glitters! Go check out these ones as well as her many other great polishes! Click links below!
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