Born Pretty May 2014

Good Morning my Fellow nail Crazies!
Hope everyone's week has been good! This week is exciting to me as yesterday was my hubbies birthday and tomorrow is my baby brothers last day of high school and his prom! I can't really wrap my brain around the fact that my goofy little brother is taking that first step into being an adult, seems like just yesterday he was running around the house in his underwear with a pillowcase tied around his neck like a super hero cape! I have pictures for black mail proof! tehehe But in all seriousness, I am so proud of the man he has become and I look forward to watching him make his own way through this crazy world! He's really into art like myself so I know he has a lot to offer  :)

Now onto nail product reviews! Instead of polish reviews, today I have some nail decor from Born Pretty Store. Now the products in this review were all sent to me by Born Pretty and I was asked to review them but I also have a ton of other born pretty products that I have purchased for myself that in the next coming week or 2 I will also be reviewing! So keep your eyes out for those as well.

Now first up we have Nail Art Fantasy Half Pearls. Item ID number is 7299.
I have done plenty of manis using these Half Pearls but I'm showing you my most recent mani below. They are extremely easy to use! First, I used tweezers to take out the pearls I wanted. I then simply put one coat of top coat over the nail and using my tweezers, applied each pearl. I do recommend top coating and applying each pearl one nail at a time so the top coat on the other nails doesn't dry before you apply the pearl(s). I don't keep manis on long so if you plan on keeping the mani using the pearls on longer then a day, I would apply the pearls with a small drop of nail glue instead of a top coat so it last longer. These cost $2.86
I used JulieG Santorini and Miami Beach, both from the Cruise Collection.

Next up is the Elegant Black White Lace Style 3D Sticker Decals. Item ID number is 7381.
I was okay with the outcome of the mani I did using these but I wasn't 100% satisfied with the outcome. I noticed after I applied the top coat the stickers started to "melt" so to speak, like instead of laying flat they curled in. Now before anyone thinks, hmm maybe its just your top coat, answer is no. I tried 3 different top coats on artificial nails and it continued to do it. Only thing I can suggest is to just not top coat them at all. To apply, make sure your mani is fully dry and clean of any oils. Second, Select a design and peel off by your nail, be sure you don't touch the glue. Next, Place the design on nail and rub it gently several times. Now the born pretty site says to apply top coat for best results, you can try it if you want but don't say I didn't warn you lol. These cost $1.29
I used JulieG Canary Island, Old San Juan and Miami Beach, all from the Cruise Collection, for my gradient base.

Last up is Musical Note Tiny Glitter Powder Sheets. Item number is 2368.
Now I was really excited about this and as soon as I was asked to pick my 3 items this immediately went on the list because I love music and a million different ideas for manis went through my head. Sadly, I was bummed when I got them. They are HUGE! Even the pics on the website didn't make them seem as big as they are in person. I figure, Oh well, I can still do something with this! So I tried. I'm not really happy with my mani below but I'm thinking if I had longer nails they would have looked better. Other issue I had was the material of these is like a very thin, silver coated plastic called "Iced mylar sheets", so you can't really mold them to your nail without them bouncing back up. I was thinking, okay use them like really thin nail charms. Nope that failed too, the corners stick up causing them to either fold if I hit them off something or they would just get caught and be pulled off, unlike nail charms which are heavier so they wont pull off as easily. So neat-less to say I wasn't happy with these results, I'll still use them on something, just not my nails! lol These cost $4.39

Overall Review:
I really hate writing a review post where I have to point out a lot of negative points in a product but I vow to be honest not only to my readers but to the brand. and honestly, I was really only happy with 1 out of 3 items. 
I give the half pearls a 4.5 out of 5 star rating. They would have gotten a 5 star if the pearls were actually color coordinated in the container, it was such a pain going through each one to find the colors I wanted. But I guess that's my fault because when I picked the item, the picture showed the colors scattered all over. 
The Lace Stickers get a 3 out of 5 star rating. They look so pretty and went on easy but when I tried them without a topcoat they didn't last long. Also, the fact that it says in listing, "For best results use a top coat" kind of throws me off seeing that every top coat I used "melted" the sticker :(
And last, the music notes got a 2 out of 5. There was just so many issues with this product but I don't have long nails so I cant test to see if the results would be different. My nail bff who also reviews products for Born Pretty has longer nails then me so maybe Ill send some of these music notes her way and see if she has a better experience with them.

Well, I hope these reviews don't deter you away from ordering other products from the site. I own a ton more of their products that I LOVE and use all the time! They sell thousands of products and your bound to come across a few that aren't so great, so please still go check out the Born Pretty Store and use code SBJ61 to receive 10% off your order!
Thanks for reading and I hope everyone has a great day!

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  1. Love the honest review! Huge bummer about the lace decals because they're so cute!!

    1. Def a bummer but still cute! The "melting" wasn't horrible so some people might be able to deal with it but me being such a perfectionist feeling them kinda warped on my nails drove me crazy lol

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