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Hello my fellow nail crazies!
Happy Monday Everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend! I spent mine feeling a bit under the weather and working on shop site. Feeling better today, not 100% but better than the past couple days so Ill take it! haha Anyways, today I have some swatches to share with you made by GoomBay Gal Nail Lacquer.
2 Thermals and 1 glow in the dark, Lets get right into it!

First up is The Mint In My Chip. The Mint in my Chip is a glow in the dark mint green almost teal crelly with black hexes that glows a bluish green. I applied 2 coats to achieve full opacity then sealed it with Glisten and Glows top coat. Formula was good and not much fishing needed. I was sent these polishes to test before I knew their names and while swatching this I immediately thought of mint chocolate chip ice cream, so I wasn't surprised when I was told the name had to do with mint and chocolate chips! haha the glow effect was great as well. My camera is awful at capturing GITD polishes but I did my best.

Next is Pinkle Plurple. Pinkle Plurple is purple when warm and pink when cold.  I applied 2 coats to achieve full opacity then sealed it with Glisten and Glows top coat. Formula was really good and applied smoothly. The thermal transition is very noticeable and super pretty. I don't really see too many thermals that have a pearlescent finish so that was a nice change.

Last up is Holy Holo. Holy Holo is a sparkly purple to silver thermal. Silver when warm and Purple when cold.  I applied 2 coats to achieve full opacity then sealed it with Glisten and Glows top coat. Now if you read my blog often you will know I already did a review on this polish but I decided to try and re do it as the last time I swatched it I couldn't get the color to change but this time I definitely did! Last time I tried this the weather was awful here so as soon as I took my nails out of the water to take a pic the transition would change right back before I could capture it haha sneaky sneaky polish! hehe As stated before formula was good and it applied very well.

Overall, as usual I love Goombay Gal thermals, I call her the thermal queen! She never seems to disappoint and her transitions are great, plus the formulas were just as great. For these polishes please check out the website at

Until Next time!

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