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Hello my Fellow Nail Crazies!
Its been almost a week since I wrote a blog review but It's not because I didn't want to! haha Actually this past week I didn't have many Indie polishes to review so I was doing more art manis and I also have a 6K giveaway going on so I was focusing on getting that started but Ill be back to swatching and reviewing this week and this is the start of it.Today I have a few polishes for you from Tasha over at Polished Colors. She sent me a trio that is Chalkboard themed! I was really excited to receive this set because I haven't even heard of something like this in polish form. 
She sent me 1 polish named Black Board, 1 polish named Green Board and a matte top coat. She also sent me 2 water base markers to use to write on the "Chalkboard" polishes. 

Both Black Board and Green board have the same formula and consistency. I used 3 thin coats to achieve full opacity and sealed both with her matte top coat. The formulas were a little thick so you do have to apply with a light hand but the colors were nice. I especially loved black board. They both dry to a matte like finish. Her Matte top coat was good for being the first time she has ever made one. Had fast dry time and applied great. It doesn't dry fully to a matte, more like a wax matte, so it had a little bit of a shine to it. Which in my opinion worked great for this theme since chalkboards do have a slight shine to them. 

The markers worked great but I had difficulty using them on my small nails because the tip of the markers were a little big but I'm sure if you have longer and wider nail beds then me(which most people do haha!) then you shouldn't have too much trouble. These were my attempts at "doodling" haha, Hey I tried! lol

Overall I really liked the colors of these polishes and the matte finish they had but I would have rather the formula not have been so thick so they applied easier. And I personally liked the waxy finish the top coat left, made it different then most matte top coats. Her shop is down for maintenance right now but follow her on Instagram for any release dates. Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway! One of Polished Colors polishes is in the prize pack!

Until Next time!

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