tape & polka dots tutorial

Hello My fellow Nail Crazies!
Today blog is the first of many tutorials!! Yay!! 
First up is a tutorial on how to do the Tape and Polka Dots mani I posted on Instagram about a week ago. Just in case you missed it, here it is shown below.

-At least 2 different colored polishes
-Your favorite Top Coat.
-Small dotting tool(or toothpick)
-Fun shaped scissors
-Washi Tape(I've heard painters tape works too but never personally tried it)

Watch the quick 15second video and I will also state info below the video:

1. Paint your base color on your nails and let dry(be sure to not forget your base coat as well!)
2. Put one layer of a fast dry top coat on and let dry(I wait 10min)
3. Using fun shaped scissors and washi tape cut the design you want.
4. Place tape on nail, securely and paint the second color. Before it drys peal off the tape. Be sure to try to remove the tape in the same directions of the pattern(I hope that makes sense!) and let dry.
5. With a small dotting tool, start adding the little polka dots. Let dry.
6. Once fully dry finish your many with your favorite top coat.
That's it!

I hope you enjoyed my first tutorial blog! Have any design request or questions about this tutorial please comment below!

Until Next Time!

Polishes used: PipeDream Polish High Roller and All In.

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