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Hello my fellow nail crazies!
Today I have a set of nail wraps to share with you all. They were sent to me by to review. Now I'm very picky with nail wraps so when I was contacted to test their product I was excited to hopefully find a new nail wrap company I can obsessively order from and that my friends is exactly what has happened! haha!

These wraps were very good quality and even easier to apply! They stretch well without disrupting the design on the wrap which is a huge plus for me since most wraps I have used in the past crack or even tear when I try to stretch them a bit to fit my nail better so that alone made me love them! 

Here is what I received. These specific wraps are called "Total Flake"

Each box comes with two sets of 8 varying sized wraps (16 wraps in total), a little nail file and a cuticle stick.

The box also comes with a URL on the back you can go to to get the simple instructions which is also below with some pictures I took to help

::How To::
1. Clean your nails and file to desired shape.
2. Find the wrap that best fits your nail by matching the round portion to your cuticle.

3. Remove the plastic from the front and the back of the wrap.

4. Place the round edge against your cuticle. Slowly stretch and smooth the wrap down onto your nail from base to tip.

5. I took cuticle trimmers and snipped the excess wrap off.

6. Carefully in a downwards motion file the excess of the wrap off the tip and corners of your nail. Be very careful not to file your own nail!

7. Repeat on the rest of your nails and apply a top coat to make them last longer.

And you're finished! Here are some shots of my finished mani!

Again, as you can see by the pics above, these wraps are great! You can get these as well as a ton of other wraps to choose from for $12 each.

Visit the links below for more info!

Until Next Time!

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