TwinkledT - Studs, Glitters and Charms

Provided for Review
Happy Tuesday my fellow nail crazies!
Today I have the second half of TwinkledT items to share with you, If you missed the first half(the vinyls) then click here to check it out! The ladies from TwinkledT sent me some studs, a handful of glitters as well as a few charms and here are those pretties!

First is the The Triangle Studs.
I applied a holo top coat to the nails and applied the studs with my tweezers. 

Next is the .08 Glitters
I was sent black, silver, pink, purple and blue. Here are a couple manis I did doing the glitter placement method.

Third is Daisies Charm
I applied a top coat and carefully applied this onto my nail with tweezers.

Next are the Acrylic Flowers
I applied a top coat and with my tweezers applied the flowers.

Last is a Multicolored Rhinestone Bow.
Top coat then with tweezers applied the bow.

Overall I loved all these items. My favorites were the glitters because there are so many different manis you could achieve with glitter placement. Everything was easy to apply and were of good quality. The Bow and acrylic flowers were a bit large for my liking but that's only because I have really small nail beds but these would look great on ladies with larger nails!
For more info check out the links below!

Until Next Time!

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