12 Days of Christmas: Presents

Hello Lovelies!
I completely forgot to write and post my mani for today's Challenge your nail art prompt! eek! Luckily it has been done for a couple days so all I had to do was type this up real quick haha! This weekend has been quite busy and I started to not feel well a couple days ago and don't seem to be getting better any time soon so between that and the holidays my instagram, blog and facebook post may be fewer then usual. 
Anyways, Here is my presents mani. 
I decided to use a handful of polishes I won in a giveaway hosted by Lekker Lacquer last Christmas. Polishes from pointer to pinky are Go Elf yourself!, Chimney John, Everybody's Present and Can't Bear the Cold. I then applied ribbons and bows using acrylic paints.

Hope you like! Check out the other present manis below!

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  1. These are awesome!! I love how the glitter polishes actually look like wrapping paper!

  2. These are so bright and bold, I love them!


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