12 Days of Christmas: Ugly Sweater

TGIF Nail Crazies!
Today's 12 Days of Christmas Prompt is Ugly Sweater. I had no idea what to do for this one except simply a holiday sweater pattern. Which I attempted using stamping plates and man oh man do I suck at trying to apply those specific patterns onto my nails! I kept applying it crooked!! Finally I just stopped redoing it and decided I would just do something to cover up all the stamping mess ups and this was the result! haha

I actually kind of like it haha! I used China Glaze 'Be More Pacific' as my base, White stamping polish and Luscious Potion 'Emeral Mint'. The plates I used are W120 and W222 from Winstonia. I also used vinyls from NailVinyls.com
Well hope you guys like them!

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