cdbnails - 10 Step Nail Care Routine

cdbnails 10 step Nail and Hand Care Routine

Products Used
(Please Note: I by no means am a trained professional in nail care. This is just the way I learned to do it and what works for me!)

Step One - Cinema Swatch Sugar Scrub
Now Rachel sells actual Hand sugar scrub but I randomly decided to use her lip scrub about a month and a half ago on my nails and it worked great! It removed any dry, hard and flaky skin from around my nails. But I'm sure her actual Hand Scrub has extra goodies in it specifically for your nails haha. 

I apply a very small amount to each finger and gently rub around my cuticles and fingers.
Once I am satisfied that all dry flakes have been removed I rinse my hands with warm water and dry them. I only do this about once, maybe twice a week. I feel doing it more then that can actually lead to irritation of the cuticles. (I don't recommend doing this part if you have any open cuts or hang nails as this could actually make it worse!)


Step Two - Blue Cross Cuticle Remover
Now its time to remove any hard and dry cuticle from the nail itself. I highly recommend not to cut your cuticles at all, Cuticles are meant to be around your nails as a protector just like your eyelashes for your eyes. This cuticle remover is specifically used to remove any of the hard cuticle stuff(for lack of a better word) that is left behind on your nail after you push your cuticle back. It is not meant to actually remove your cuticle.

I Simply put a drop or two onto each cuticle and rub it in with an e.l.f brush. I usually let it sit for about a minute then using my cuticle pusher, I push back my cuticles and very gently scrape the area where the cuticle meets the nail. Please make sure to do this step very carefully! If you scrap to hard you can damage your nail!
Once finished, using soap and warm water I wash my hands, making sure I wash my nails and cuticles very well as you don't want to leave behind any of the cuticle remover. I only do this step once a week.


Step Three - Nutra Nail Power Growth Treatment
This step can be skipped if you don't have issues growing your nails but at the moment I'm down to nubs and these babies need any help they can get! haha! I forgot to do a video for this part, oops! But this specific Nail Growth Treatment comes with an eye dropper and you simply squeeze one drop onto each nail and rub it in and let dry completely.


Step Four - Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Balm
Now that you have removed all the dry/hard parts from your nails/cuticles you want to make sure to give your cuticles their moisture back. I do this by applying this Burt's Bees Balm onto my cuticle, nail and even under the nail.
I usually let this sit for at least 5-10 minutes. I Don't always use The Burt's Bees Balm, sometimes I use my 2 favorite oils by Bliss Kiss and Sweet baby, Depending on what I'm in the mood for that day haha


Step Five - Mane 'n Tail Hand and Nail Therapy
For added moisture I use a small amount of Mane 'n Tail Hand and Nail Therapy lotion. I have 2 bottles of this at all times. One on my nail desk and one in my pocket book. I love how it moisturizes as well as strengthens the nails without leaving a greasy/oily residue behind. When applying it I always make sure to pay special attention to my cuticles and nail area.


STEP SIX - Cleaning Nails of any Oils/Balms/Lotions
Using a Q-Tip and my Zoya 3-1 Nail Polish Remover I carefully remove any dirt/oils from the nail bed, being careful to avoid the cuticle itself as we don't want the acetone to remove all the moisturizing we just did. I sometimes use my cuticle cleaning brush to do this as well instead of a Q-tip.


STEP SEVEN - Apply Base Coat
Apply your favorite base coat and let dry completely.
Make sure you apply the base coat at the tip and under your nails as well.

Now you can stop here or continue reading and see how I finish my mani by applying my polish and cleaning my cuticles after doing so.

STEP EIGHT - Apply Polish
I always apply my polish with a light hand. I prefer thinner coats then thick hard to dry coats. I do this by scraping one side of the brush on the rim of the polish before applying it so that only one side of my brush as polish on it.
In the video you will see me purposely get messy when applying it so I can show you how I clean my cuticles.
After You do as many coats needed, let dry completely. Dry times differ depending on what polish you are using.


STEP NINE - Cleaning the Cuticles
I don't just simply use nail polish remover and a brush to clean my cuticles. This is where my Glisten and Glow Nail & Cuticle Balm comes in. Before dipping my brush into the acetone I rub the brush into the balm. This way I'm not just putting straight acetone onto my freshly moisturized cuticles. This helps them from drying out.
Extra Tip: Once finished with the brush I apply a drop of oil onto the bristles to keep them straight and to help make the brush last longer. 


STEP TEN - Top Coat
The final step is to seal your mani with your favorite top coat. Just like your base coat, make sure you apply it to the tips and underneath the nail as well.


And that's it! That was my 10 step Nail and Hand Care Routine. I only do this entire routine once a week. When swatching the only steps I do are steps 4 though 10.

Here is what my finished mani looked like after doing all 10 steps!

The vitamin E oil as well as the glass file are not shown in any videos above but I wanted to add those to the picture because they play a big part in my nail care. I always put the vitamin E oil on my cotton ball before putting acetone on it so when I am removing the polish I don't dry out skin. And the glass file is the only file I use to maintain the shape and length of my nails. Quick note on the file, I only file in one direction. I never file back and forth as that can make your nails weak and prone to chipping and cracking.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments below!
Full Video of most of these steps can be found on my youtube here!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love these kind of posts! I like how you broke down what each product does and how you use it!

  2. Most excellent breakdown of the items you use and what they do. You put a lot of care into your nails, and that's why they look so great!

  3. Your nails look amazing! Looks like the 10-step routine is working :)

  4. Fab post - it must've taken ages to prepare with all the videos!

  5. I definitely need to try out the Mane N Tail, I hear such awesome things about it!

  6. I am currently on the hunt for a cuticle remover, never used one but want to try. Always curious to peek into other nail care routines! ;)

  7. I might be a tiny bit late, like 2 years or so, but since your nails are beautiful I want to ask you if you know what's the matter with my nails: they are growing normal (eg doesn't take me abnormaly long to get them long), they are not too thin and not too hard, but they peel like crazy! When my nailpolish chips it takes the first layer of my nail with it, doesn't matter what basecoat I use. Even after I've removed my nailpolish with remover on a cotton ball (I've tried all removers there is), the surface of my nail seems like "rugged up", as I went over it with a buffer, and I don't buff my nails because it seems a bit contraproducitve seen to my problem. I oil and moisturize like crazy, but my nails stays the same - dry and with flakes of the first layer of the nail "rugged up". Of course I've tried to actually buff them to make them smooth, but that's just a waste of time.
    So, do you have ANY tricks or tips on what to do? Or do you have any ideas on why this happens?
    I would be the happiest woman alive if you gave me some hope, haha!

    Thank you for a great blog and beautiful swatches!


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