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Happy Hump Day Nail Crazies!
So we made it through the blizzard safe and sound! Now just kind of stuck for awhile while we slowly get rid of all the snow. Hubs had to hitch a ride with a co-worker this morning, thanks to a our really ignorant new neighbor(car in right of picture) who thought it would be a brilliant idea to try and leave with #1. Over a foot of snow that he didn't even try to shovel before backing up and #2. To try and leave when there was a road ban....smh. and got stuck, therefore making it so our landlord couldn't get in to plow. The pic below is the end result. Where we are located we have over 5ft of snow due to back drafts and the car on the left is our car, almost completely covered. 24 hours later the landlord has came and plowed the parking lot but car is still covered. I posted a pic of it on my Instagram yesterday but for those who missed it I'll share again. And sadly there is even more snow in our forecast this week. ughhh! Spring can't come soon enough!

Anyways, on to the polishes!! Today's review is a collection called "Special Moments" made by Charlies Rad Lacquer. This collection consist of 5 shimmering scattered holo polishes.

All 5 polishes had the same formula, consistency as well as application. All applied in 2 coats. I sealed each with a glossy top coat. I myself am not a fan of the shimmery pearlescent type polishes, but that's just a personal preference. For those of you who do like these types of polishes though, these are a must have collection!

Breakfast in Bed
A shimmery yellow polish with a slight scattered holo effect.


Fireside SnugglesA shimmery copper polish with a slight holo effect.


Kisses at Sunset
A shimmery tan polish with slight scattered holo effect.


Sweet Serenade
A shimmery blush pink polish with slight holo effect


Midnight Picnic
A shimmer charcoal gray polish with a scattered holo effect. The holo was a bit stronger in this one then the others which I enjoyed.

Clearly Clean Cuticles
I was also sent their liquid latex easy clean up product to test and review as well. Its applies a bit thinner then I am used to with these sort of products but I adjusted to it. It goes on white and dries clear. Picture below shows that it does peel off easily and make clean up a lot easier. This is sold for $5 per 15ml and $2.50 per mini.
Overall Review
All 5 polishes were great and applied very well which wasn't surprising, I have always been a fan of her formulas. The Special Moments collection is available now, $10 per full size and $4.50 per mini.

Charlies Rad Lacquer

Until Next Time!

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