My Top 10 Indie Polishes Favs of 2014

Happy New Year Everyone!!!
I hope everyone had a great New Years! The hubs surprised me and got out of work early so we spent time with family watching the Time Square ball drop on tv and playing some board games. A nice and quite but fun night! 

Anyways, I have had an unbelievably fun, overwhelming and crazy year swatching and reviewing polishes for so many indie makers. I feel grateful and honored to have joined so many of their swatching teams and in the process gained a ton of new friends as well as beautiful polishes so I had an extremely hard time picking my top 10 favorites, but here they are!

Not only is KC extremely friendly but she makes some of the best glitter toppers I have reviewed! She always has so many to choose from that can go with pretty much any holiday or theme you are looking for.
My Top 4 picks are Box of Chocolates, Girl Band, Happy Holodays and Olaf.

Lynnae and Alix are some of the sweeties ladies I know in the nail community and I was extremely excited to here they were opening up a shop together that as soon as I seen their blogger application available I jumped right on that like flies on poop! bahaha  I had no doubt they would make some great polishes and they definitely didn't let me down! 
My Top 4 picks are Soiree, Extraterrestrial, Cosmic and This Could Be Fun!

Daily Hues Nail Lacquer
Jenn has always had a ton of fun and bright colored polishes to choose from and I seemed to use a lot of her polishes through out the year for art manis and under glitter toppers. there fore I knew she was definitely on my top 10 list!
My top 4 picks are Julianna, Soliel,Carol and Harper.

Dashing Housewife Polish
DreAnn has made some of the best polishes I have reviewed and I always end up having a at least 1 favorite from each collection I use over and over so it was so damn hard narrowing it down to 4 polishes haha
my Top 4 picks are No Luck Needed, One Hot Momma, Bleachin Blue and Stockings Were Hung.

Duh Nail Polish
Like her sister DreAnn(Above), Danyl has always been one of my favorite indie makers. I always love her themes as well as polish colors and formulas.
The top 4 picks are Bella Dancerella, Hailey Bug, Slate of Mind and Got My Heels On.

Drip Drop Nail Paint
Jessica makes some of the best crelly polishes I have ever reviewed and I can't get enough of them! Look at these pretty babies!
My top 4 picks are Abstract Nature, Poolside Party, Stairway to Heaven and Suspicious Minds.

Charlies Rad Lacquer
Charlene made these amazingly bright and beautiful holo polishes that I am completely obsessed with. These pictures don't even do them justice!
The top 4 picks are Argon, Xenon, Radon and Helium.

MOD Lacquer
Jennifer at MOD Lacquer makes gorgeous, highly pigmented linear holos. Everyone of her holos I own have the same formulas and apply extremely well. 
My top 4 picks are Alien Encounter, Aerial Phenomenon, Magic Eyes Only and Clandestine

Pipedream Polish
April is very well known for her A night In Vegas Cremes and the hype is so worth it! Not only do these apply well but they are amazing water marble polishes and stamping polishes! 
My top 4 picks are Light of the Day, 110 Degrees, On the List and Happy Hour.

And my top Pick Indie of 2014 is 
A England!
Man oh man the formula on this beauty is perfect! One coat polishes are of course my favs and my favorite color polish to wear are aqua, turquoise and teals and this is not only my favorite colored polish but my favorite formula.
Favorite Indie Polish of 2014 is St. George

Which are your favs from this list?  Now you see why it was so hard to narrow this list down to only 10 indie brands and polishes?!? gawwwd, it was worse then getting teeth pulled! hahaha 
Well I couldn't have asked for a better year in the nail community and I am looking forward to what all you talented ladies have in store us for 2015!!

Until Next Time!

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  1. Great picks, there's even a few I've never heard of. I will have to check them out. :)

  2. I hear great things about Daily Hues Nail Lacquer!

  3. I loved that you picked so many of my fave ladies though there is a few on here I still need to try!

  4. These are all stunning, great picks and I love all the nail art you paired with some of them too! I also love turquoise shades (it's between that and purple for me) so I love love St George!

  5. St. George is hands down my favorite polish in my whole collection! I've had it for over a year and I love love love it still!

  6. These all seem like some really great brands!! I've only tried Pipe Dream Polish and Nvr Enuff Polish, but I'll have to get my hands on some of the others!

  7. These are great picks! I'm amazed that there are only two of these brands that I own since I'm such an indie hoor! I do want to try out those Pipe Dream Polish neons if they are good stampers! I wasn't sold on them before, but that one fact makes me want them!

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