Random Nail Art Jan: Pirates

Nothing to Disclose
Hey there nail crazies!
For today's short post I have My "Pirates" prompt for #randomnailartjan to share with you. I was originally going to do a Jack Sparrow mani but since I am down to nubs at the moment there was no way that was happening, not nearly enough "canvas" for me to have accomplished that to my liking so I figured I would do something with less detail. A treasure map!

I used all acrylic paints over a base coat and sealed it with a matte top coat. 

Thanks for stopping by loves, I hope you enjoyed the mani :)

Until Next Time!

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  1. These are amazing!! I love all of the detail that you managed here!

  2. Acck these are too cool, I love how you got that stained weather beaten look!


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