Random Nail Art January: Cozy and Dream

Nothing to Disclose
Hello Lovelies!
Today I have another #randomnailartjan to share with you. Just like last time I actually combined 2 of them again. These are my "cozy" and my "dream" prompts.
I had a really hard time trying to come up with a "cozy" mani. I originally started that one out by trying to paint a a girl sitting by a warm fire while reading a book but that just wasn't coming out the way I wanted so I ended up with this adorable little teddy bear all comfy and cozy on a moon getting ready to sleep and have good "dreams". The bear has more of a surprised or rudely awakened look then a sleepy look but ah well haha! 

I used Zoyas Sailor and KB Shimmers Prism Break as my base and everything else is done with acrylic paint.

Hope you guys like! Now this mani is making me want to nap too! haha Have a good day loves!
Until Next Time!