Random Nail Art: New/Dolphin

Nothing to Disclose
Hello Nail Crazies!
Today I have the first 2 prompts for #randomnailartjan. Day 1 was New and Day 4 was Dolphins and since I am behind a bit I just combined the two. I was so excited to see Dolphins on this months list because who doesn't love dolphins? They are such a beautiful, smart and peaceful animal. Plus my aunt, who is also my best friend, is obsessed with all things dolphins so I wanted to make sure I went all out with this one. Here is the finished result!

Polishes and Products used:

I have a really hard time achieving the whole sunset look as well as ocean waves in nail art so I was actually really happy with how this turned out! Took about an hour which surprising, usually it takes a lot longer! haha

Well, I hope you all enjoy!
Until Next Time!