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Hello Lovelies! 
It's the last day before the blizzard hits. I'm seriously not looking forward to this, ugh! But looking at all these pretty nail art accessories makes me feel a little happier! haha Anyways, today I have a bunch of nail decor and supplies to share with you that were sent to me by Simply Spoiled Beauty. This is a pretty heavy pic post so fair warning! lol

The Items I was sent are Bow charms, Fimo slices, 2 different types of nail art pens as well as a Mood/Color Changing polish.


Bows/Charms and Fimo Slices
Polishes Used: Daily Hues Nail Lacquer Cheyenne and Harper
Polish Used: Sincerely Polish Sealed with a Kiss
Polish Used: Sincerely Polish Laters Baby
Polish Used: Johas Love Nail Polish Pink Storm. No Name Glitter
Polishes Used: Sinful Colors Sugar and Spice and Bliss Polish White Hot
Polishes Used: Bliss Polish White Hot, Pipedream Polish On The List and China Glaze White on White

I loved all the bows and the varying of colors you get makes it more fun because you have the ability to use in numerous colored manis! Very easy to apply with either nail glue or a good top coat. Their are three different listings for the bows on their site. A set of  12 Rhinestone Bows for $7.99, a set of 24 Decorative Bows for $9.99 and a set of 24 Glitter Bows for $15.99. I couldn't seem to find the listing for the Fimo Slices so I don't know if they stopped selling them or they are just extras that get thrown into orders.


Fine Tip and Brush Nail Art Pens

Polish Used: Johas Love Nail Polish Xmas Eve

Polishes Used: Sinful Colors Sugar and Spice and Bliss Polish White Hot

I was sent two Fine Tip Pen and Brush duos, one black and one white. These weren't as easy to use as I excepted, very little pressure was needed for the pen but I did experience a few issues. One issue being, I was getting air bubbles every now and then. When applying it an air bubble instead of polish would come out of the tip and then pop all over my nails. It only happened a few times but it was enough to make me anxious while using them lol. Second issue being, and this may have just been me, but I felt like the amount of polish that would come out would vary. When applying it, a small amount would come out,  then suddenly the polish would flow out of the pen without me even squeezing it, Making feel like I had no control over it anymore. However the brush part of the duo was very easy to use, It has a brush like a stripper polish and the bristles stayed together well so it made application easy. There are numerous listings for these on the site, prices ranging from $6.99-$58.99.


Nail Art Pens

Polishes Used: China Glaze Liquid Leather, Daily Hues Eve and Picture Polish Watermelon

Polishes Used: Dashing Housewife Polish Truly, Madly and Deeply

I was sent two Fine Tip Pens, one black and one red. Personally I preferred these over the pens above. They were very easy to use and almost no pressure at all is needed to use them. In my opinion it applies more like a marker then a pen. The lines were even and the same amount of polish comes out at all times, where as the pen above the amount of polish that came out when applying was a little more unpredictable. These are sold for $8.99 each. I am definitely purchasing some more colors for future manis!


Mood Color Changing Polish

I received the purple to pink color changing polish. This is a thermal that when cold is purple and when warm turns a light pink. The color change is a lot more drastic in person and the formula is good as well. I used 3 thin coats to achieve full opacity and sealed it with a glossy top coat. These are listed as $9.99 each and they have a handful of colors to choose from.


Overall Review
Other then the issues I experienced with the Pen and Brush duos I loved using all the products. I see myself using the bows, fine point pens and polish in future manis. And like I stated above the brush inside the duo was good so I see myself using that part again as well. 

For more info please visit 
Simply Spoiled Beauty

And don't forget to use code cdb40 for 40% off your order!

Until Next Time!

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  1. OMG the bows are super, super cute! I need them in my life! Sorry about the brushes and the pens. I have always found pens of all brands to be tricky to work with.

  2. Yay for the 3D! You've got some fab designs in there.

  3. So many beautiful manis! I love the black & white one and the purple/ red/ pink negative space ones the best! Great use of the 3D bows too :)

  4. I love the bows. I don't own any but I am considering purchasing some in the future.

  5. I love the bows. I don't own any but I am considering purchasing some in the future.

  6. I love all these manis, you combined everythings so well! And my fave is the first mani.

  7. The bow charms are SO cute! The pink mani with the white dots is my fav :)

  8. I love every version of the manis! So darn cute with those bows! Beautiful work and photos!

  9. I love all the looks you created! The bows are adorable and the pens look pretty great. I haven't tried any nail art pens before but it looks like these can do pretty fine lines!

  10. Those fimo slices are too cute! That's such a bummer about those fine nail art brush pen thingies!

  11. Such awesome looks! I really want to get some fine tipped pens that work well. I love your looks with those!

  12. The dotted look with the bow is SO cute! Well they all look fantastic ♥

  13. I love the look of charms on manicure but I haven't tried them yet. I can bump my fingers and rip a small rhinestone off I can imagine the damage I would cause if the charm ripped off.

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