Black Label Nails

Happy Hump day loves!
Today I have a handful of polishes from Black Label Nails to share with you all. All are holiday polishes but most can be worn any time of year. 2 valentines, 2 Christmas and 1 Halloween.


Frostie's Mistress
Frostie's Mistress is a white pearl/purple shift topper. I used one coat over Zoyas 'Sailor" and sealed it with a glossy top coat. Formula was good and applied well. I really enjoyed how this polish can turn pretty much any plain creme polish into a pearlescent. 

I wanted to share with you what sailor looks like without the topper just so you can see how just one coat of Frostie's Mistress can completely change the appearance of a polish.
This is Zoyas Sailor

Crazy right? Cant wait to try it over a ton of other colors! haha!


Holly's Berries
Holly's Berries is a clear glitter topper that consist of  red, green and iridescent glitters. I used one regular coat as well as 1 sponge coat over Zoyas 'Tomoko' and sealed it with a glossy top coat. the small glitters all applied well but some fishing and placement was needed for the red circles.


Purple Haze
Purple Haze is a purple shimmer polish with gold glitter. I used three thin coats and sealed it with a glossy top coat. Formula and application was okay. No fishing was needed for the glitters. It applies like a jelly polish so you have to make sure each coat is dry completely so you avoid any dragging or clumping of the previous coat. 


Tainted Love
Tainted Love is a topper that consist of red tiny glitters as well as black hearts and holo red skulls. I used one sponge coat over Sincerely Polish 'Laters Baby' and sealed it with a glossy top coat. All the tiny glitters applied easily but fishing and placement was need for the heavy glitters. This is definitely the right polish for any anti-valentines day people!

Beautiful Disaster
Beautiful Disaster is a clear glitter topper that consist of tiny holo silver glitters as well as black skulls and pink hearts. Just like the topper above the small glitters applied well but the heavy glitters needed fishing and placement. I applied one coat over a gradient base. For the base I used Essies 'Check-Up' and KB Shimmers 'How You Dune?'

All of these polishes are available now for $9 each 15ml full size. For more info click the links below!

Black Label Nails

Until Next Time!

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  1. These seem pretty fun!! I love Frostie's Mistress and Purple Haze!

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