Born Pretty Store Polish & Bliss Kiss Base Coat

Hello lovelies!
I was asked by Born Pretty Store to test and review one of their new chameleon polishes and was honestly a little nervous to do so. Not because I don't like chameleon polishes but all those chameleon and monochrome type polishes don't usually do well on my nails because I have ridges, very prominent ridges that get glorified by those type polishes. But then I remembered I had recently purchased Bliss Kiss Simply Smooth base coat, which is supposed to be be a ridge filling base coat. Figured using these two products together would be my best bet! 

Here is the Chameleon Beauty

This is item #201 and can be purchased for $10.95 per 6ML.
In my opinion, the price is a bit steep for the size of the bottle but for each their own I guess lol!
They also have 5 other Chameleon polishes to chose from as well.

So I applied 2 thin coats of the Bliss Kiss Simply Smooth base coat and that alone showed a huge difference in my ridges. I could barely see them at all which made me a lot more excited to finally review a chameleon polish properly!

Here is the finished result.

As you can see, NO RIDGES!!! I am beyond thrilled with this base coat!
As for the Born Pretty Chameleon polish, I used two coats to achieve full opacity and sealed it with a glossy top coat. Formula was great and applied very well. I Love all the different colors that it changes to depending on lighting. My favorite being the colors shown above, pink to purple to blue. 

But for the life of me I couldn't capture the other shades in my light box so I researched online the best ways to capture them and learned that adding water droplets to your nails makes the other colors pop. So I tried that, and it definitely worked! As you can see, the polish also has a green and yellow tone to it as well.

I also read that you can take photos of the polish while your nails are immersed under water. Again, result was great. This pic really shows all the different shades extremely well!

Overall Review
  • Bliss Kiss Simply Smooth Base Coat - I love it! I wore this base coat and polish for three days while I moved furniture around into the new nail room and I had barely any wear and tear, so it not only eliminated the ridges it also helped keep my mani from pealing off easily.
  • Born Pretty Chameleon Polish - This was a very pretty polish and the formula as well as application were very good. I hope to try their others chameleon polish soon!
You can purchase the base coat at for only $4.99. An amazing price for such a well rounded base coat!

Born Pretty Store

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