Twinkled T - Diamonds and Paradox Stencils

Hello Lovelies!
Today I have another set of manis using stencils from TwinkledT.
As stated in all my other Twinkled T blog post "let me explain that stencils and vinyls are very different and have to be used differently. In my opinion its much easier to get crisper clean lines with stencils when you use the sponge method instead of just painting polish over them and then peeling off. In my experience whenever I use vinyls I almost always just slather the polish over the vinyl and quickly peel the vinyl off to leave the design, but when I try that method with stencils the lines aren't nearly as clean and sometimes don't even leave the pattern intact. So simply put, I highly recommend using the sponge method when using stencils!"
First is the 'Paradox Stencils'
These stencils are perfect for any geometric themed mani and actually reminded me of a stained glass window which I plan to attempt the next time I use them. 
China Glaze - Liquid Leather
Daily Hues Nail Lacquer - Eve


And next is the 'Diamonds Stencils'
Fun diamond pattern, another set perfect for a geometric themed mani. I decided on going with sort of a Audrey Hepburn and diamonds vibe lol did I pull that off? lol
Sinful Colors - Snow Me White
Virtuous Polish - Naomi
Pure Ice - Silver Star

As usual Twinkled T vinyls and stencils are very easy to ise and leave clean patterns. You can get these starting at $5 each for one sheet or 3 sheets for $12.50. Great prices!

For more info check out the links below!


Until Next Time!

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  1. Gorgeous! I love the geometric designs and the way you used them here!

  2. That blue/white gradient looks so FIERCE when combined with the silver!

  3. I love what you did with the diamond stencils. It literally looks like shattered glass! I mean I am such a glitter girl but that color combo... Ohhh weeee

  4. Gah, both of these looks are incredible!! Great work!

  5. Love these - I am a sucker for geometric patterns!

  6. so cool! I love how you did a gradient with the diamond pattern - it really pops!

  7. This two looks are so edgy (no pun intended) I especially like the first one with Liquid Leather and Eve. Thanks for the tip about sponging on the polish for crisper lines =)

  8. Wow, these are so cool. The silver version looks like a techno-giraffe :D

  9. I love the paradox design - it's perfect with the glitter!

  10. Love the Giraffe pattern stencil. Both are lovely manis.

  11. The diamond one looks really pretty and I love the colors you used for it!

  12. Oh I LOVE LOVE that second mani so hard! I actually like to sponge on polish over vinyls as well, so I would probably like these. :D

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