TwinkledT - Mermaid Scale and Honeycomb Stencils

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Hello Loves!
Today I have a couple stencil manis to share with you. TwinkledT sent me a handful of vinyls and stencils to review and here are the first two I was able to get to. Still not feeling 100% so instead of posting one big blog full of vinyl and stencil manis I'll be posting 2 at a time every few days or so(depending on if I feel up to doing the manis), hope that's okay with you guys?

So first let me explain that stencils and vinyls are very different and have to be used differently. In my opinion its much easier to get crisper clean lines with stencils when you use the sponge method instead of just painting polish over them and then peeling off. In my experience whenever I use vinyls I almost always just slather the polish over the vinyl and quickly peel the vinyl off to leave the design, but when I try that method with stencils the lines aren't nearly as clean and sometimes don't even leave the pattern intact. So simply put, I highly recommend using the sponge method when using stencils!

Anyways First up are the Mermaid Stencils.
These adorable fish scale looking stencils are perfect for any marine themed mani! I originally was going to go all out and do A Little Mermaid mani but that just wasn't happening but I plan on doing it once I feel better for sure! 

Polishes/Products Used:
Pipedream Polish - Happy Hour
Doctor lacquer - Hubble
Winstonia - Shell Studs

Video Tutorial


Next is the Honeycomb Stencils.
I was originally going to do some cute bee themed mani with these but figured since that's where pretty much everyone's head goes with this stencil pattern I decided to just do a simple fade gradient.

Polishes Used:
Polish My Life - Nude Lace
Virtuous Polish - Mariam

Video Tutorial:


As you can see from the videos the stencils are pretty easy and fun to use! You can get these starting at $5 each for one sheet or 3 sheets for $12.50. Great prices!

For more info check out the links below!


Until Next Time!