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Happy Friday Loves!
Anyone have any plans for the weekend? I'm taking a bit of a break from nail things after this post for the next few days to get ready for a Disney's Frozen themed birthday party I am throwing for my nieces 3rd birthday! Yah know, I used to think this was the cutest movie until I had to make a bazillion paper snowflakes haha! We also ordered her an Elsa dress but it didn't have snowflakes on it, which she insisted there just HAD to be! So I'm having to paint a bunch of silver glitter snowflakes all over the dress among a ton of other Frozen themed decor I'm making. Cheaper to make everything myself but I'm starting to think I may have bitten off more then I can chew haha Luckily my sister is also helping and everyone else is dealing with the food! haha 

Anywho, now that I just babbled for a bit there(can you tell I'm very anxious about this party?! haha) let's get into the polish! Today I have a handful of polishes as well as a hand/nail fizzies from a new to me brand called Eclectic Girls Polish.
Let's start with the Fizzies. 

I only just recently started to try fizzies and some I love and others not so much. I used one a couple weeks ago that fizzed so much it seriously overflowed and spilled all over the place, This chick was not happy, and to make it worse, it smelled very funky. Neat less to say, I just dumped the bowl and didn't even bother putting my hands in it. So once I was asked to test Eclectic Girls fizzies I was nervous and praying theirs was the complete opposite, and I was not disappointed! They were the perfect size and no overflow haha! I was sent the "Just Naked" one which is perfect because it had no scent, which was good for me after the last experience haha

Just naked Contains, coconut oil, jojoba oil, citric acid, baking soda, Epsom salt, cosmetic glitters, fragrant oils, essential oils, dry orange rind and witch hazel. 
I dropped one fizzie into a bowl of warm water and let my hands soak for 5 minutes. Check out the before and after pics! 
The before shows what my cuticles and nails look like after I removed a mani I had on for 4 days. As you can see my hands and cuticles needed some serious moisturizing and Just Naked did the job! Not only did they look great but they felt great too!


Now onto the polish!
Fluffy Dreams
Fluffy Dreams a soft yellow jelly base filled with metallic gold, pink, white and baby blue glitters. I used three coats to achieve full opacity and sealed it with a glossy top coat. Formula was good and no fishing was needed.


Not Your Granny's Mauve
Not Your Granny's Mauve is a nice neutral shade of mauve with slight chameleon shifting shimmer to it. I used two thin coats to achieve full opacity and sealed it with a glossy top coat. The formula was slightly on the heavy side but was still pretty easy to work with. Pretty opaque in one coat but I did two for good measure.


Butterfly Circus
Butterfly Circus is a subtle light pink glitter topper that consist of numerous neon glitters with butterflies floating throughout. I used one one coat over an ombre made with Julie G White orchid and Bikini. I then sealed it with a glossy top coat. Formula was good and very little fishing was needed.


Fossilized is a glitterbomb packed tight with matte blue-green micro glitters with scatterings of black and multicolored sparkles. I used one regular coat and one sponge coat then sealed it with a glossy top coat. Formula was good, applied a little thick which is why I switched half way through to using the sponge method, which I prefer to do with glitterbombs anyways.


Water Ripples
Water Ripples is a blue like chrome holo polish. I used two thin coats to achieve full opacity and sealed it with a glossy top coat. Formula was good and applied well. Inspired by the famous scene in the movie Jurassic Park where the water ripples from the pounding steps of the T-Rex.
I couldn't capture the holo in my lightbox so I also took one outside the box and with flash.


Overall, all polishes were great and applied well. You can purchase these for $7 per 12ml or $5 per 5ml. For more info please check out the links below!

Eclectic Girls Polish

Until Next Time!

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