Nail Crazies Unite ~ Under The Sea

Nothing to Disclose

Hello loves! Happy Hump Day! This week is seriously dragging! But I may only feel like that because the hubs starts vacation on Friday, which I love because with his job we don't see each other often during the week. Plus it's his birthday week! Turning the big 30! haha he's a little freaked out by this! haha
Anyways, Today I have the 'Under the Sea' prompt for this weeks Nail Crazies Unite Challenge. I was originally just going to use some sea creature themed stamping plates I got recently but when I had heard my nail bestie (roselynn787) was having a sad few days I wanted to do something that would cheer her up so I decided to do a full Disney's The Little Mermaid Mani. Which if you haven't guessed, Rose LOVES the Little Mermaid! So here was my result!

I used Polish Addict Nail Color-Violets are Blue as my base and then free hand everything else with the Pure Color #10 brush and acrylic paint. I sealed it with HK girl glossy top coat.

Here are some close ups.
Honestly, I wasn't too happy with Arial's face, but its been awhile since I did detail SO tiny in a very long time so I'm at least satisfied with her. lol

So when I do my detailed manis like this I get asked for a video tutorial. Problem with that is it is extremely hard as hell to record myself painting manis like this because of the way I hold my hands when doing it so I hope this little pictorial is good enough =/

-I first paint my base color and apply a fast drying top coat.
-Next I paint the outline in black
-Fill in everything with white acrylic paint(this way the color pops more)
-Next I start adding the color
-Start adding the details/features
-Finally finish the mani by sealing it with a top coat.

Thank you for stopping by! I hope you enjoy today's mani! Until Next Time!!