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Hello Sweeties! Boy do I have a story to tell you! If you don't feel like reading feel free to skip a head to the nail goodies!! So a couple of my friends came down for the weekend to celebrate one of their birthdays and we were having a blast but the fun was cut short Saturday night when I walked into my nail room barefoot and stepped on a bee! Yea, you read that right, a BIG bee...chillin on my nail room floor and I totally stepped on I kung fu'd that bitch right off my foot and it hobbled away. 
Yea, that's pretty much what it looked like after its encounter with me lmao!
 I have never been stung or bit by a bee which meant I had no clue if I was allergic or not so that first 15min wait was horrifying. Luckily, No anaphylactic shock but I guess I am somewhat allergic because my foot and ankle swelled bad and I got hives! Guys, the pain was unbelievable! I think I cried for at least 4 hours straight. Thought the damn pain was never going to go away. The hubs, in pretty much a hazmat suit and our friend James searched the room for the now zombie bee and they luckily found him, dead. Is it weird I actually felt bad that I killed it? womp womp! lol Well come Wednesday and I'm still sore and a little swollen but otherwise okay. I'm just grateful It was me who had the encounter with the bee(that apparently came in for an unscheduled manicure) and not the hubs because he on the other hand is deathly allergic! We searched the room and windows for holes/bees nest and only found one hole that we think it could have possibly come in from and it is now filled! Well that was the crazy story of my weekend! I hope everyone else had a better weekend?! How about we get to the nail stuff now! haha

Today I have a few plates from the Born Pretty Store to share with you.
Check them out below!

Punk Style Skull Plate BP39
This is item # 18782 and sold for $1.59

Polishes Used:
China Glaze White on White
Liquid Kandi Strawberry Margarita
Charlies Rad Lacquer Black Stamping Polish

Polishes Used:KB Shimmer Eyes White Open
KB Shimmer My Life's Porpoise
Charlies Rad Lacquer Black Stamping Polish


This is item #18781 and is sold for $2.99
Polishes Used:
Charlies Rad Lacquer Siren
MDU Red Stamping Polish

Polishes Used:
Charlies Rad Lacquer Fireside Snuggles
Polish M Lady Liberty
Charlies Rad Lacquer Black Stamping Polish

Keyboard And Cursor Plate Qgirl-001
This is item #19337 and is sold for $1.99

Polishes Used:
KB Shimmer Eyes White Open
KB Shimmer My Life's Porpoise
KB Shimmer In Yacht Water
KB Shimmer Lei It Again
KB Shimmer Sarong Place, Sarong Time
China Glaze Liquid Leather
Liquid Afterglow Lacquer Celestial Chaos


Overall, I really enjoyed these plates. I think my personal favorite is the skulls. For more info please check out the links below!

Born Pretty Store

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