The Nail Challenge Collab - Batman

Nothing to Disclose
Hello Sweeties! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I spent mine with friends and family both days. Two of those friends live about and hour and a half away and I found out this weekend that they will be moving a lot closer this fall! I am so excited about this! haha 

Anyways, today I have a fun mani to share with you that I did for The Nail Challenge Collaborative group. This months prompt is Super Hero and Villains and this week I did another Hero. Batman!
I already had this mani drawn out as soon as I found out this months prompt. And I had all intentions on free hand painting the batman logo on my middle nail but about a week ago the super sweet Lelia over at Green Goddess Creations asked to do a product swap with her and of course I said yes! Traded her a handful of CDB Lacquer polishes for a handful of water decals and guess what she had, Batman Logos! woot woot! and Luckily enough these bad boys showed up the morning I planned on doing this mani!

Products & Polishes Used:
KBShimmer - Eyes White Open
China Glaze - Liquid Leather
Pure Ice - Show Stopper
Trelly Polish - Holy Ravioli Batman
Green Goddess Creations - Batman Water Decal
TwinkledT - Chevron vinyls
Winstonia - Paint Brush #000

Video Tutorial! Please be sure to subscribe!

I was really happy with the end result! I wore it for 2 days! haha I think that may be a record(not counting weekend manis haha) Due to swatching during Mon-Fri, I almost never get to keep a mani on for even 1 day! Whats your favorite nail? Mine is a toss up between the batman logo and the glitter. So fun!

Well thanks for swinging by! Be sure to check out all the other Superhero and Villain manis below!

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  1. SO cute! Love your choice of design for each nail! <3

  2. As a Batman lover, I adore this mani on so many different levels! I definitely wanna follow your tutorial and recreate it.

  3. Ohhhhhh I love this mani!!! And I am also torn between the Batman logo nail and that awesome glitter!

  4. These are absolutely amazing! Love each and every nail you did :).

  5. Everything came together so perfectly in this mani!

  6. Love this Batman skittle! I also love the perfect timing with the water decals. Super cute.

  7. These are so coooooooll!!!!!!!

  8. These look awesome!! I love the nail with the glitter!

  9. This looks awesome! The way you did Batman's face immediately made me think of Batman legos :)

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