The Nail Challenge Collaborative - Super Heroes

Nothing to Disclose
Hello sweeties! I hope everyone had a good weekend? I took a break from all things nail related for the first weekend in a very long time! Spent Friday and Saturday lounging around the pool and soaking up the sun and spent Sunday painting a gift for a friend. Nice and relaxing which is just what I needed to regroup. Last night I finally started using my planner again and putting myself on a more strict schedule so hopefully that means I will be posting more regularly again! 

Anyways, today I have my first prompt of the month for the group "The Nail Challenge Collaborative". The prompts for this month are Super Heroes and Villains, which I am crazy excited about! This week I decided to do Super Heroes. This was my result.

So I'm pretty obsessed with the LEGO video games and decided do this mani themed around the game "LEGO Marvel's Avengers". I know the games are a bit childish but I play them when trying to unwind at night and it's relaxing for me lol. 

I used KBShimmer Eyes White Open as my base and everything else is acrylic paint.

I also did a pictorial for those who are interested!

I think my fav is my ring nail, Thor. But Thor is also my favorite Super Hero in general so I may be a bit bias haha Which is your favorite character for The Avengers? Anyone else like to play video games to unwind? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for swinging by and don't forget to check out the other Super Hero manis from the Nail Challenge Collaborative group!