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Hello Loves! I hope everyone is doing well?! It's been almost a week since my last post! eek!! I'm sorry guys! Things have been crazy busy outside the nail world and I haven't really had much time to sit and write, I did however find the time to at least play with a handful of review packages so now I just have to write the reviews for everything! LOL Starting with tonight's post!

Tonight I have some great hand and nail care products from Forever Polished to share with you!
Forever Polished-mani bombs
Forever Polished-scrubs
Let's start out with a photo of what my poor cuticles and nails looked like before I used all these products. I decided to wait until right after I sat and did a 5 hour swatch session and this is what my little nubs looked like. Dry, peeling and at this point sore from all the swatching!

I was sent 5 different mani bombs and had a hard time deciding which I would try first, but after looking like a wack job and continuously sniffing each one over and over I decided on the "Creamy Peach"

This scent seriously flew me back to my childhood! Does anyone remember the Cupcake Dolls from back in the late 80's, early 90's?
I had all four Cupcake Dolls. Oooooh these were some of my favorite things to play with. Every night was prom night!

They looked like yummy cupcakes on the outside, but on the inside there was a doll with a huge hat and big frilly skirt and when you opened them up, the “wrapper” became the skirt, and the “frosting” became the hat? Am I the only one who remembers these things?!? haha Anyways, the reason I'm bringing them up is I completely forgot these things ever existed until I got a whiff of the "Creamy Peach" mani bomb and suddenly out of no where my brain threw out images and memories of these dolls! I had one that smelled exactly like it!!! Awww the feels!!! hahaha Smells so yummy!

As for the Mani bomb itself, I  dropped into warm water and it fizzled nicely with no over flow mess! I let soak for about 10 minutes and my seriously dry cuticles and nails looked and felt so moisturized. And smelled delicious! haha


Next I used the "Tropical Sunset Salt Scrub(fine)"

I gently massaged a small amount of this all over my hands. paying close attention to the cuticle and nail area. This also smelled amazing, like a tropical juice drink! After a couple minutes I rinsed and pat dry.


Lastly, I finished the hand care routine with the "Cool Citrus Basil Whipped Shea Butter".

This smelled and felt amazing on my hands! I could feel them eating up the moisture and the end result showed that! Also, a little goes along way with this butter, I used a bit more then I should have so my hands felt a bit oily for about 20 minutes or so lol.

Look at the difference! I went from very dry and sore nails and cuticles to healthy and rejuvenated nails and cuticles in just under 20 minutes!

I wasn't surprised by how great Ashley's Mani Bombs were as I have received some from my nail bestie a couple times and fell in love immediately! And they are the only bombs I have been using since! Adding the salt scrubs and butters into this routine only make my hands and nails feel that much better!

I also did a quick video showing how I did all the steps written above. Please excuse the lighting weirdness. One of my lights has been acting wonky lately, ugh!

I highly recommend checking these products out! I have been using Forever Polished mani bombs for about 2 months before and after each swatch session(I break each bomb up to last me about a week) and my cuticles have made a great improvement! 

For more info on these products please visit the links below!

Forever Polished

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  1. That Whipped Shea Butter looks amazing!

  2. I love her mani bombs!! It's been so long since I've used one of mine though, I really need to change that soon haha!

  3. The before and after is amazing! Great review.

  4. These smell SO good, I agree! And omg I forgot about those dolls, haha. Great review! :D

  5. I always read great reviews of this stuff, I will have to give some items a try sooner or later!

  6. I close the stopper on my shower and use one every day on my feet!!!! Amazing!

  7. These all sound delicious!! Great review! :)

  8. What an amazing transformation! I really need to give in and some mani bombs soon.

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