Nail Butter Review

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TGIF loves! Today I'll be sharing with you my experience with the nail treatment called 
"Nail Butter". I was sent this product for review by the super sweet Jess over at Nail Butter is described as a revitalizing spot treatment that can be used to soften and fortify every type of skin, Nail Butter is a pure, all-natural recipe of essential oils and lanolin that can be used on fingernails, cuticles, toenails, and even heels, knees, elbows, and even feet! 100% natural, Nail Butter is used to strengthen and rejuvenate nails by enhancing growth and maintaining optimal moisture levels for your nails and skin.

Nail Butter

Nail Butter is made with lanolin, beeswax, gardenia, mustard oils, and other vegetable oils, in addition to cetyl alcohol (from hydrogenated vegetable oils) and sodium tetraborate (borax). Each container of Nail Butter is homemade at their farm in Athens, GA. 

Nail Butter

 Nail Butter is a treatment, rather than cover up or mask for bad nails. The all-natural formula goes right to the root of the problem by enhancing circulation to the nail matrix which helps breathe new life into damaged cells. Nail Butter also soothes your nails and cuticles by helping to maintain the proper moisture balance needed for beautiful, strong nails.

Nail Butter

When I received this 2 weeks ago, the packaging alone made me excited! I love the little porcelain like jar and polka dot cover! Isn't it adorable? I loved it enough that it actually inspired a mani (Shown at bottom of post). 

So let's start but showing you what my cuticles as well as nail length looked like the very first day I started using this(exactly 2 weeks ago today)

The photo above was taken directly after a swatch session and right after I filed down my sad attempt at round nails so I was left with shorties as well as some nail bed exposure at the tips leaving them feeling really sore. Luckily, this arrived just in time for me to use and test while my nails were probably at their worst in almost 2 years! My cuticles weren't too bad, they were a little dry but that's too be expected after a swatch session lol.

Anyways, I didn't really know what to expect when I opened the jar because I'm so used to using oils and balms which of course I will always love, but they leave your hands super greasy. Well this had more of a silky butter like texture. And loves, a tiny bit seriously goes a long way! That small amount shown on my finger below is legit all I needed for 5 fingers.

Nail Butter

It applied like butter, hence the name! haha It took about 3 minutes for my fingers to completely absorb it and not only did it leave my fingers and cuticles feeling super soft but it also immediately made my sore nail buds feel less sensitive.  

I used this at least 3 times a day(most days I used it about 5 times) for 2 weeks straight. Didn't touch any other cuticle oils or balms while testing out this product and here was my 2 week results!

Nail Butter

Look at that nail growth!!!! I did't realize what so ever how much my nails had grown until I took this picture this morning and compared it to the one above from 2 weeks ago! Guys, I have such a hard time growing my nails out. I have used nail growth polishes, serums ect. and nothing has made them grow as strong and fast as this. I also noticed that my nails themselves had a smoother look and feel to them.

I usually also get really, really bad curling when I grow them out even slightly passed my finger tip and as you can see, the curling is very minimal! About a month ago I went almost 2 weeks trying to grow out my nails(when I rounded them) and if you follow my blog you know my nails barely grew at all so you yourselves have witnessed what a difference this Nail Butter makes!

Here is a side by side comparison.

I wanted to share with you guys this photo that shows just how much I barely needed to use in this 2 week span. I barely scratched the surface.

Nail Butter

Overall, As I'm sure you know, I loved this product! I will be completely honest, with all the numerous cuticle oils, balms ect. out in the market right now I honestly didn't think this product was going to be any different. But I was proven wrong. I love how my nails and cuticles look and feel and will definitely be keeping this in my daily nail care routine. 

Nail Butter is available in 2 scents. Lemongrass and Gardenia. I received Lemongrass and in my opinion it had a pretty strong scent, that I wasn't a fan of, when I first opened it and applied it. But once it started absorbing into my skin it smelled really close to Lush's Lemony Flutter Cuticle Balm. I read on their site that this can happen and to leave it sitting out opened for a few hours so the strength of the scent will dissipate, which I did, and it did help a bit. When I need to purchase my next jar Ill definently be purchasing the Gardenia. It also states on the site that they are in the process of working on a non-scented one so keep your eyes peeled for that!

You can purchase this now for $24 plus free U.S Shipping! Check out the links below for more info!

Nail Butter

And as promised, here is the super cute mani I did that was inspired by the Nail Butter Jar!