40 Great Nail Art Ideas | Geek

Nothing to Disclose
TGIF! I know my post is a little later then usual but I've been feeling under weather the past few days with a sinus migraine and earache so I'm running a bit slow. But I was determined to get today's 40 Great Nail Art Ideas Prompt done and I am so glad I pushed myself to do it. 

This weeks prompt is "Geek". I guess this can be interrupted in many different ways whether it be math, science ect. or doing a mani about something you "geek" out over. And in my case I wanted to stick with my Halloween/Horror theme I have been doing all month with nail art and came up with the perfect "geek out" mani for me. I am a true gamer girl and love spooky, action type horror video games and my favorite is, The Last of Us. The Last of Us is a zombie apocalypse type game with a great story line that gives you the feels and enough action and scare to put you on the edge of your seat while playing. Well, here is what I came up with.

I chose to do a mani featuring the 2 main characters, Joel and Ellie, inspired by this image.

as well as the title of the game(on my pointer) and some Clickers- Clickers are the name of a specific zombie in the game that grow this creepy coral looking fungus on there body and they make this creepy clicking noise(silhouettes on my pinky)

It has been awhile since I have done anything like this and pushed myself to really do a very detailed mani (as in takes me at least 4-5 hours to do type mani) and so I am very proud of this and feel super happy that even though half way through I just wanted to cry because of how badly my head hurt but kept on going. It was worth it! At least I think so! lol I am especially proud of my Joel, he alone took me 2 hours, eek! lol I wish I could have done better with Ellie but at that point my head hurt so bad I couldn't do it any longer so I rushed through :(

Everything was done free hand with acrylic paint. The only polishes I used was a base coat and matte top coat. Here is a close up of each nail.

I would have loved to film myself doing this but that just wasn't happening lol so I did take a few pics of how it looked when I first started to what each nail looked like before clean up and top coat.

Well I hope you guys like them! After spending almost my entire Friday morning and afternoon on these you can bet they are staying on for at least the weekend! lol And here's to hoping I feel better enough tomorrow to go to Salem MA to visit the Salem witch history museum and all the other great sites of that spooky historic town! Hope everyone has a great weekend! XO bye!