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Hello Loves! Today I have this months Watermarble Bestie Twin nails with Roselynn from www.manicuredandmarvelous.com to share with you! Every December since we've known each other we have done candy cane themed water marbles so of course this year wouldn't be any different! And Lucky for us one of this weeks prompts for 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art is "Candy Cane" so we killed two birds with one stone! Here is our results!

This is probably the only type of water-marbling I am decent at, the thin line type and that's because when I try any other marble most of the time it ends up looking like this instead of the pattern I'm going for haha I did have to redo my pointer nail 4 times before I said eff it and just kept it lol. For my solo shots I also added a little red bow :)

Polishes and Products Used:
China Glaze- White on White
China Glaze- Tip Your Hat
Whats Up Nails- Water Marbling Tool
Glisten and Glow- HK Girl Glossy Top Coat
Born Pretty Store- Red Bow

And here is a close up!


I think I need to start doing water marbling differently. I see people do it by making watermarble decals and such, maybe that will be the next method I try. Seems like that method may be less messy too! haha Anyways, I hope you guys like! Thank you Rose for doing these with me!! Don't forget to check out her blog for some amazing swatches and nail art!! Bye guys! XO

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  1. Ficaram muito lindas!
    Gosto da técnica, mas nunca faço bonito assim.rs

    Bjim ...
    blog Usei Hoje

  2. These turned out very nice. They also reminded me of how I haven't done a water marble design in so long!

  3. I love that you two did a water marble for this prompt, it's such a great way to create a cool look!


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