12 Days of Christmas Nail Art | Nightmare Before Christmas

Nothing to Disclose
Heya guys! I feel like I've been a little distant with nail stuff the past couple weeks but it's the Holiday season and a lot is going on at the home front which makes sitting down and doing nail stuff a bit difficult lol I have SO many gifts to wrap and haven't even touched anything, eek! Going to be a busy week! lol Needless to say, this will prob be my last post until Christmas is over but I figure I'd at least end my Holiday posts with the one prompt for 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art that I have been dying to get to! Today's prompt is Nightmare Before Christmas! Yussss! Those who follow me know that aside from all things Doctor Who, I am also obsessed with all things Nightmare Before Christmas! So here was what I came up with!

I have had this sketched out since the prompts were released and it came out just as I pictured! I love it! I wanted each nail to show the Christmas aspect of the movie and I hope that's what I achieved! Look at Jack in his Santa Claws get up! hehe The Pointer is the famous Christmas Tree door that leads the curious Jack into Christmas town which brings you right to the middle nail. And I hope you can tell that the pinky is Jacks hand holding a snowflake which he observing for the first time!

Polishes and Products Used:
Zoya Nail Polish - Desiree
Zoya Nail Polish- Genesis
Zoya Nail Polish - Storm
Zoya Nail Polish - Yves
Born Pretty Store - Plate QA58
Twinkled T - Tree Stencil
Glisten and Glow - HK Girl Top Coat
Acrylic Paint

Before I forget, What do you guys think of my new lighting?? I got an OTTLITE this past weekend and this is my first mani using it! I'm definitely not used to the bright crisp look of my fingers but I LOVE how accurate the colors are! Well I hope everyone has a great Holiday week! Thanks for stopping by! XO

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  1. Jack looks amazing and that pinky nail art is so cool!! You did great and thanks for joining the challenge!

  2. Again, SUCH an amazing freehand look!

  3. Gah! These are too perfect, I love them.

  4. Wow, these look incredible!! I'm constantly in awe of your freehand nail art!

  5. Everything about this is great. I love the detail in the wood paneling behind the tree though. Great addition.


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