12 Days of Christmas Nail Art | Ornaments

Nothing to Disclose
Good evening guys! I know this post is a lot later then usual but as you all know I have been feeling under the weather so this mani I'm about to show you pretty much took me all day to do with breaks in between. I had all intentions of not doing any nail art this week so I could just relax and try to feel better, so I did all my challenge manis due this week, all last week. Well, My dumb ass totally forgot about this prompt, and one other one... womp womp! AND sadly, I realized when taking my old mani off this morning that I had 2 corner breaks...sigh. So now all my nails have slightly rounded corners =/... ah well, without further ado, Tonight I have my "Ornaments" prompt for 12 Days of Christmas Nail Art.

I first started out with a festive Christmas polish I received for review last Christmas from Dashing Housewife Polish called Feelin Grinchy. This is my favorite Christmas polish I own to date! I am obsessed with the color combo as well as the formula. I then free hand painted the ornaments with acrylic paint and sealed it all with a glossy top coat.

Polishes and Products Used:
Dashing Housewife Polish- Feelin Grinchy
Glisten and Glow- HK Girl Top Coat
Whats Up Nails- Pure Color #10 Brush
Acrylic Paint

Thanks for stopping by! XO