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Hello Loves! Today I have my first 40 Great Nail Art Ideas prompt for 2016. This week was the 2 prompt segment which means everyone is doing a pale blue base mani but each of us have a designated pattern or technique. Mine is stamping, so I figured I would kill 2 birds with one stone and also do a stamping plate review with today's post!

Lets start with the plate. I received a handful of hēhē plates from www.aiyoohehe.com a couple weeks ago and today I will be sharing the Fairy Tale-005 plate with you.
aiyoohehe[hēhē™plus]Nail Art Stamping Plates Designed by Haiyan.Polish Stamping Steel Template.The Fairy Tale Collection #FT001-FT005.
Everything was etched perfectly and my images picked up great. I am very happy with this plate. Here are all the manis I did using this plate.

First up is the mani I did for the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas prompt.

 I used Ellagee Whoa, Is My Hair Out? as my base(my pale blue) and stamped the cloud lace pattern over it using a white stamping polish. Sealed it with a glossy top coat. I love how simple yet pretty this turned out!


Here are the other two!

China Glaze- Out Like a Light
Zoya- Ireland
Zoya- Eastyn


Pipedream Polish- Masquerader
Pipedream Polish- Harlequin
Virtuous Polish- Rahab
KB Shimmer- Eyes White Open
Sally Hansen- I-Rush Luck


As stated above, it is a great plate and everything transfered to my stamper and my nails very well! Which one of the three manis do you like best? Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to check out the links below for more info on www.aiyoohehe.com plates!

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