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Hi guys, I have a quick post to share with you. About a month ago I contacted the super sweet Adrienne from Virago Varnish asking her if she could make me a custom cream because her cream polishes are to die for!! I told her what I wanted and she nailed it, perfectly! DROOL!
I am more then thrilled with this polish and even with how dark and pigmented it was, there was no staining! An extra plus! Ugh I wish I could just wear this all the time. Something about this color, I'm obsessed. I don't know why but my camera captured it more as a blue but in person this has a deep teal tone to it. It applied 2 coats to achieve full opacity, I could have gotten away with one for sure but I always do two for good measure.

I also did an accent nail using straight and heart vinyls from Twinkled T. The heart is Pipedream polish Harlequin. Sealed with HK Girl Glossy Top Coat.

 I am so grateful to Adrienne for making me this polish, she went above and beyond my expectations! Thank You Love!!! What do you guys think about this shade? Have you ever tried any of Viargo Varnish creams before? if not, I highly recommend you do! For more info on Virago Varnish please check out the links below!

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