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Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great Holiday and New Year! I enjoyed my break from pretty much all things nail related the past few weeks, only posting here and there. But the New Year has begun so it's time to get my butt in gear again! And the first post for this year is my Planner Mani! I used to post these every Wednesday but decided I will be posting this segment every Sunday instead, give me more time to get to it each week. 

Anywho, this past weeks planner design was pretty simple. Gold with some lovely shimmery butterflies.
I went with a gold to fuchsia purple gradient with some black butterflies. For my accent nail I made a decal of a butterfly and placed it over a gunmetal black base.

 I will be honest, this mani was totally rushed and last minute. I was having a hard time getting myself back into my nail routine after such a long and much needed break and I couldn't quite find the motivation to start up again. Not that I didn't want to or miss it, I have just been really enjoying the time off and let's be real, playing with all my new planner goodies and video games from Christmas kind of had my focus hahaha!

Polishes and Products Used:
CDB Lacquer- Unreleased Gold Polish
Lollipop Posse Lacquer- I'm the Party Pooper
Sally Hansen- Graphite Gravity
Glisten and Glow- Glossy Top Coat
Bundle Monster- Plate BM-307
BBF- Plate BBF-24

For a last minute mani I actually loved the overall look, I do however wish I used a lighter color for my base under the butterfly decal on my middle nail so you could see the butterflies detail better. Anyways, That's it! Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed this mani! Anyone else have/having and hard time getting back into the swing of things due to the Holidays?! Anybody get anything good for Christmas??

Until Next Time!

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  1. Love love love that gold to purple gradient and your decal is super pretty, too! Definitely having a hard time here after a bit of a break. I was lazy and just threw on a quick thermal polish tonight and now I'm putting off going to bed, lol!

  2. This is lovely. MY husband bought me a wee planner the other day for my blog. It warmed my heart...he picked one that matched my hair ;)

  3. So cute! My husband got me a planner for Christmas, he was so proud of himself for remembering months ago that I said I wanted one LOL

  4. I agree the decal would have benefited of a lighter base, but those gradient nails are perfection!

  5. That unreleased CDB with Party Pooper is seriously killer!

  6. These are so pretty! The polishes you used are gorgeous!

  7. I think this turned out so beautiful! I adore it!

  8. This is lovely! Rushed or not, you can't tell.

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