40 Great Nail Art Ideas | Turquoise & Swirls

Press Sample
Happy Friday Sweeties! It's a very snowy day here today, love the way it looks but not looking forward to the clean up after, ugh! Anyways, today I have my 40 Great Nail Art Ideas prompt to share with you. This weeks prompt is turquoise and my technique is Swirls. This was my result!

I wanted to do something a little different and instead of doing your basic swirls I decided to use one of my favorite vinyl designs, the Heart Chains from Twinkled-T, which is like a swirly heart type design. I am happy with the result but wished the turquoise shimmer in the polish showed on camera more, because that's why I actually picked this polish! Its Skinny Dipping by Polish Me Silly, and in person this blue multi chrome flakie polish has a gorgeous turquoise shift to it. This polish also played some serious tricks with my camera! It wouldn't focus for the life of me lol I also did some stamping with a turquoise polish since the turquoise shimmer of the polish failed me on camera haha

Polishes and Products Used:
Polish Me Silly-Skinny Dipping
KB Shimmer-Eyes White Open
Virago Varnish-Wait Unteal The Sun Sets
Twinkled T-Love Chain Vinyls
Bundle Monster- Plate BM 606

You can see the turquoise color shift a bit more in the macro below!

Well thats it! I hope you guys like! Thanks for stopping by! XO


  1. I love the background. That subtle turquoise on turquoise looks awesome!

  2. This is so glowy & beautiful! I love the heart chains, it's perfect!

  3. Beautiful combination and great manicure! It took me a second to see the hearts in there, perhaps it's the non-traditional Valentines colour :)

  4. This is beyond cool! It is like lightning crackling across your nails!

  5. I am loving this! The addition of the stamp was definitely a wonderful choice. I like the little bit of added depth it gives.

  6. These are stunning!! That shimmer is just gorgeous!

  7. The vibrancy of this look is so so good! Love it!