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Hello loves! I hope everyone had a great weekend? Today I have a couple reviews for The Born Pretty Store to share with you. We have some beautiful rose charms as well as some lovely decals! Let's get right to it!

First up we have
2 Patterns/Sheet Red Rose Water Decals BP-W06
# 20597 $0.99

And here are the 2 manis I did using both designs!

They were very easy to apply and cut to fit my nails. Up close in the photos the patterns almost look blurry/distorted but in person they don't look like that all. They make for a very easy mani! My personal favorite is the second set, with the smaller roses.

Next we have
# 16090 $2.89

I LOVED these resin heart charms so much and wish I had larger nails to use them. They look great but because I have such small nail beds the roses looked very large. I kept the mani above on for almost 24 hours before I lost 1 Rose. I loved that the wheel has so many different colored roses to chose from. Perfect to add to any floral mani!


Overall, both products were fun and easy to use! For more info please check out the links below!

And don't forget to use code below for 10% off your Born Pretty Order!


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