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Hello Loves! Today I have a quick review as well as the first February Digit-al Dozen Prompt to share with you. This months prompt is Nail Heroes, we are doing manis inspired by our favorite nail artists, nail tools, polish ect. that we love. We all decided to start the week off by doing something special for the awesome woman behind Digit-al Dozen as well as a ton of other awesome nail challenge groups, Debbie Crumpet. Debbie recently posted that she needed some time away from the nail world and we wanted to show our love, support and appreciation by recreating one of her manis! 
The Crumpet

I decided to try her well known Splodgerama technique. I followed her tutorial, which you can find here, and this was my result!

As she describes on her blog, a Splodgerama mani is when you sponge on various polishes in a totally random fashion. I decided to use some dark purple shimmer like colors, that in my head represented royalty, thought it would be perfect for the Queen of so many nail groups and art in this community! 

The theme I was going for also fit perfectly with this Fleur de lis charm I received for review by the Born Pretty Store. The little charm applied easily and looked great with the stamping Fleur de lis pattern which is also available from Born Pretty Store, here!
Item # 23761 $3.73

Polishes and Products Used:
CDB Lacquer-Unreleased Gold
Born Pretty Store-Plate BP-L016
Glisten and Glow-HK Girl Glossy Top Coat

Debbie was the one who introduced me to this amazing Digit-al Dozen group and also one of my other favorite nail challenge groups Crumpet Nail Tarts so I am very saddened by the news of her leaving but I wish her all the love and support needed and hope we still get to see her great nail art every now and then, and I hope she knows how much the nail community loves and appreciates her! Thank you Debbie, for being so kind and doing everything you have done for the nail world!!XO

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Don't forget to check out all the amazing Debbie recreations below!

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