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Nothing to Disclose
Hi guys! I decided that for Day 4 of Digit-al Dozen Nail Heroes I'm honoring the Creative Shop Stamper! As stated in yesterdays post I went through a ton of trial and error to find the right stamper for me, took me about 2 years! And early of 2015 I got my hands on the Creative Shop Stamper through Beautometry. Stamping has never been the same for me since! Check it out!
The Creative Shop Stamper comes with a scraper which is like a thin business card. This type of card is by far probably the best scraper I have ever used! It bends more for better control when scrapping but is still hard enough to get the job done. The stamper holder is actually a metal cup but the one downside to it is that it can be a bit slippery and I had some serious butterfingers with it lol. So I painted a couple coats of a glitter polish on it for a better grip(plus it looks cute! haha!) Now onto the head. For me the head of this stamper has just the right amount of squishy and stickiness, which makes it very easy to apply onto the nail.

I decided to use an image that would need to pick up a good amount of polish so you can see just how well it picks up and transfers. Yes there are still some tiny little gaps(which so far I have yet to not have this issue with any stamper I own) But its not bad, at all. Especially compared to the stamper I used all the time prior to the Creative Stamper. Which was a marshmallow stamper. Below you can see the difference between the 2 images.

The head on the right is missing quite a few pieces of the image and its a bit smudgy. Not to mention I had to do a ton of priming to the marshmallow stamper to get it to pick up anything, as in magic eraser it, wash it, and finally ended up having to buff it, which I still need to do every now and then. But for the creative stamper all I had to do was magic eraser it once the day I got it(Feb 2015) and haven't had to do anything to it since! I also want to note that I NEVER use acetone on any of my stampers to remove polish which may help the longevity of my stampers. I use either tape or a lint roller. Now onto the mani!

As you can see, the Creative Shop Stamper lifted and transferred the image almost perfectly and it does almost every time I use it(depending on the plate-some plates just aren't engraved properly enough which isn't the stampers fault haha)

Polishes and Products Used:
KB Shimmer-Eyes White Open
Nail Hoot-Pure Black Stamping Polish
Beautometry- The Creative Shop Stamper
Winstonia-The Carnival Plate
Whats Up Nails- Water Marble Tool(to create my marble base)

You can get the Creative Shop Stamper in numerous shops like Beautometry, Whats Up Nails and Color4Nails as well as a ton of other shops! Just search it in google! :)

Thanks for stopping by! Until Next time! XO

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  1. These nails are so cute! That's great that you've found a stamper that works for you too!


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